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New Beginnings

A new year and new beginnings. It is awesome to have the Lord daily in my life. Without Him I would be walking aimlessly. Which brings me to the topic of my post.

New Beginnings in my life. I am excited for the New Beginnings the Lord is bringing this year. I actually heard this word just before the birth of my 6th child, baby Kole. This was one year ago. I thought, "new beginnings" meant saying goodbye to the season of having babies and saying hello to a new life of not having to be pregnant again. Little did I know that my Lord has other plans. His plans are way bigger than what we can fathom. When we think in our own understanding that we need to go one direction, the Lord always seems to interfere with our plans and shows us His ways. As I have said before, Seek and you will find His ways. And His ways are the best ways.

New beginnings WAS a different message in my heart (my own fleshly heart). My own understanding of how things should go were blown clear out of the water. The Lord has brought me back to the place of beginnings. A rebirth of the things He spoke to me years ago. The things I was passionate about years ago, have been reborn. It is sort of like I am reborn again. I feel like I had been walking in the wilderness trying to find my way back. I would walk feeling like there would be no end to this journey. Then I would stop somewhere and have a drink and stay there because it was a place of comfort. There were times I was walking the right path, but there times that I was not on course.

This past year, 2006, has been a year of getting back to the beginning in three areas Family, homeschooling, and health. The Lord had put His desires in my heart regarding these three areas of life years ago. First in the area of family, the Lord has been showing me great treasures regarding the true blessing of children in our lives. I will share later about this revelation the Lord has shown me. He has also brought me back to what He has spoke in regards to homeschooling. I got off track by being fearful in what I was NOT teaching the children and I forsook the most important teaching of the day---His Word! I was so consumed in the schedule and the curriculums that I neglected teaching the Word to my children. Lastly, the Lord is showing me how eating more healthy foods benefits our bodies. Being aware of what we put into our bodies is very important to our health.

I am excited about the wonderful changes and the rebirth of His plans in my life. I am also sooo very joyful about my little sister receiving the Lord. I look forward to the awesome changes in her life. I REJOICE ALWAYS in MY GOD!!!


Me and My beautiful Family---Tuttle Nation----


Beth said…
what a great looking family!!
You know what!! my husband asked me what I wanted for our 20 yr ann. next fall, I said to go to Disney with the children! I recently read your profile, gee if we actually get down there we will have to get some great pics together for our blogs (grin)
I totally understand your blog! It is amazing how God teaches His children the same thing tho miles apart!
blessings Beth
Anonymous said…
I love your family picture! You are a blessed woman! I hope to visit with your blessedness sometime soon...I'll look at my calendar. Have a super weekend!

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