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The Lord, our HOPE

When you feel like your days are overtaking you, this is the time to sit back and really take a breather. Think about the blessings you have and about how blessed you are because your hope is in Christ Jesus our Lord. The hope we have in Him is so awesome. Just think about it!!!! I can get so caught up in my day to day and then I start to grumble and complain about how laundry is behind or the house is a mess or you haven't been to the grocery store in weeks and it is time to plan for the monthly shopping, UGH! Does this all matter in the Light of Eternity? Does this really matter? Yes, laundry, chores, and grocery shopping are important. But there is no reason to get so bogged down---This is what I tell myself. Today was one of those days that I am thankful that I have God on my side. That He is my hope. Once a month a group of us from church pass out bread and goodies to those in need. During our trip I met a woman who really touched my heart. She seemed like she had given up o

I am Feeling Wonderful!!

I am 12 weeks today. Yeah!!! I am feeling great. The sick feeling ended about two weeks ago. I woke up realizing I had not been feeling nauseous. I started to wonder if everything was okay with the pregnancy. I quickly threw those fears out the window and praised God for blessing me with a good First Trimester. My first trimester was not bad at all really. Yes, I complained a bit but in reality, it was good. I had some bouts of vomiting but not serious. The nauseous was come and go, and the foggy, emotional mind was---well, a bit hard to handle. But with much prayer and asking God to lift this fog--He has been faithful. I am still sleepy but just in the afternoon and around dinner. I don't normally take naps during the day because I feel I need to be doing something. I have decided to exercise during the afternoon when the tired feeling is setting in. If I get my blood pumping then I will feel refreshed. But of course I will rest and nap when I know I really need it. I know I a