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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommys out there. The ones with one child all the way to the ones with many, many children. Yes, Michelle Duggar is expecting again. This will be their 18th child. Wow. She is a huge example of what a mother is suppose to be. Their children seem very joyful and happy. The love of Christ speaks loudly in their lives. Does everyone need to be a mother of 18 to be a great mother? No, of course not. Having the love of Christ is the only way any mother can be successful. It is really sad to see some mothers struggling with their one or two children. Why is this? Probably because the lies of this society have consumed their minds as to why they need to complain and gripe about their blessings. Here are the lies they have believed: 1. Have one or two children because it is to expensive to have more. 2. Children ruin your body. 3. How can you enjoy life when you have many children. 4. I want to enjoy my latter years (vacation, cruises,

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So

Redemption--what a beautiful word to those that understand why Jesus came to die on the Cross.  Why did he come?  Do we know what the Good News really is?  Why do we see sick Christians?  Poor Christians?  Christians suffering?  We might simply say "It is God's will." or "It is persecution."  or "This is just my destiny."   I have had questions all my Christian walk as to why bad things happen to Christians or why are some Christians struggling with money or why do some Christians lose loved ones to sickness or other tragedy (accidents and such)?  I had and still am asking questions to the Lord.  Since we have Holy Spirit, then we can trust He will answer.  But how does he answer?  The Word.   As I dig deep and read, the God I have come to know and read about is wonderful.  He is all about good things: deliverance, abundant life, victory, and any great thing you can think about.  The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.  God is not the destroyer.