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Our Hanukkah/Christmas Celebration

We started celebrating Hanukkah about 5 days ago.  We are lighting our 5th candle tonight.  Our children look forward to our Hanukkah celebration.  In a previous post, I guess a couple years ago, I shared what we actually do during our celebration.  We don't follow the actual dates of the Hebrew calendar and we always start celebrations 8 days before Christmas--Christmas Day being the 8th day.   It is like Hanukkah with a twist.   Our children do not believe in Santa Claus, but we don't totally kick Santa out of our home.  To us, he is like another Character.  We still sing the traditional songs and such.  We also go down to the mall on Christmas Eve and take a picture with this old time Character.  Just as many of you might go down and take one with Mickey Mouse or Cinderella in Disney World.  We have fun with it.  ( Big brother Justin opening up his gift) My husband created a character for Hanukkah named Hanukkah Harry.  Again, I think I shared this in a previous post so i

Homeschooling and Homemaking while Pregnant

How do you do it?  These are the questions people often ask me.  Actually, I really don't know how. I know it is the grace of God.  I am by far an organized person.  I really desire to be like those mommys who have a great schedule or have a master grocery list or an organized homeschool portfolio.   My Waking time: Many times I wake up late.  The past few months I have been trying to get up around 5 am but noooo , not happening.  I told myself if I can get up around 7 at the latest then I am somewhat ok .  I definitely need to get up before the children.  I also need to get bed on time!!  I will someday get this down.  Hopefully sooner than later.  My Grocery list: I sometimes have such a hard time figuring out what I am going to make let alone what do I buy for these next few weeks or even month.  Yikes!!  While I am pregnant sometimes I can't actually think.  I have to sit down and think very HARD.  I finally found a small little system that works for me.  If I can plan

What's New

Quick post to update you on what is going on in my joyful life.   Wow, it seems like I really have been busy here at home that I haven't taken the time to come on and post updates or little stories or Godly inspirations.   So here is the short story of the past few months.  I am about 30 weeks along in this pregnancy.  Honestly, I have good and bad days.  I know they should always be good, but who is perfect anyway.  Thank you Jesus that you give me your amazing Grace to be able to raise my many children and love my husband.  I am feeling pretty good for the most part.  I do have aches and pains at night and turning from side to side is a bit painful in my joints.  It is getting harder to bend down and pick things up, so the kids are stepping up to picking up those things I can't.   We are pregnant with a GIRL this time. Yay!!!  We been wanting a girl the last two pregnancies.  God has blessed us with another daughter.  We are so looking forward to meeting her and seeing her