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The First Lady's Secret Service Agent

This is a picture of our awesome family dog "Buddy".   He is about 6 yrs old and is mostly poodle, but we think he might have some Terrier or some other breed in him.   All we know is that he is a great dog.  He is one of the children.  I guess this makes it 9 children. LOL ;)

The past few weeks he has been acting so strange.  He follows me everywhere I go.  When I leave the house to run errands he wants to ride with us.  He has been very protective.  I remember he did this with my previous pregnancies when I was close to delivery.  I remember my midwife saying that animals can "sense" those hormones pregnant women radiate when nearing birth.  

Here are some of the things he does:
  • Follows me everywhere
  • Paces the hallway at night
  • Barks when he hears noises (he normally is quiet).
  • Sits there and stares at me
  • Goes under my bed and starts doing some pretend digging and then comes out looks at me and goes under the bassinet.  Then he repeats the whole process over again--back under the bed, etc...
  • When I'm in the laundry room, he follows me in there and sniffs around and makes sure everything is ok. 
  • He wants out throughout the day just to walk down the sidewalk and bark at "who knows", and then comes right back in.  I guess he is checking out the territory.   
  • He hasn't had much sleep lately during the day because he is always standing and taking guard.  He is doing that right now as I type this.  He is pacing around the computer and staring right at me.  So funny!! 
It really is hilarious.  Today, I officially gave him the name of "Secret Service Agent" and since I am the first lady of my home, he has become my personal secret service agent.  

I don't know if some of you pregnant moms have experienced this before.  So chime in and share. 



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