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Time Management, Routines, Organization

The baby is almost 4 weeks and I have been wanting to get "busy" doing things for a few weeks now.  While I sit and nurse the baby, I just think about all the things I need to accomplish.  This can cause a bit of stress since I can't get it all done right now.  I am learning to take it step by step and praying alot for direction in the things I am not great at---time management and organization.  I daily strive to excel in time management and organizing my home.  I love to read books on organizing and how to manage my home.  The best book for time Management is Managers of Their Homes    by Steve and Teri Maxwell.  An exellent book on how to manage your home and time.  You can do almost everything you have planned for the day.  A great book for small and large families.  I was introduced to this book when I had 3 children and have been applying their tips since 2000.  I just recently ordered their other two books, which are much needed in my life right now.   Managers of

Happy Birthday Shiloh Adonijah!!

My big boy Shiloh (Shi Guy) is the big 7 today.  He is one of the sweetest boys I know.  His heart is so tender and sensitive towards us.  He loves to compliment and gives sweet words of encouragement.  Just this morning as I am cooking his breakfast he says: "I love you, mom"..  "You are the best!".."You Rock, mom".  He usually likes to tell me how pretty I am and how I am the best mom.  He also loves to hug on us also.  His future wife is going to be so blessed to have such a handsome and loving man in her life.  WOW!!! He was suppose to be our last baby...I know, I can't believe it either.  We thought we were done when we had him.  But lo and behold, God had other plans!  Anyway, I wanted to do something different when I had Shiloh.  I decided to contact the local birth center in my town.  I was done with having hospital births since I didn't have a good experience when I had Tsavah, my 3rd child.  The people at the birth center were very swe

Something to Laugh About!

The other night, after dinner, the children were looking at themselves in the big stock pot and laughing at how funny their faces looked in the pot.  Donnie snapped this picture while I was in the other room nursing the baby.  I just love how their heads are all around the table.  :D   (Justin the clown---I think he is up to something) (I guess Justin wanted to be extra funny....check out the picture he is holding up to the pot...I am guessing the picture of this man looked funny in the pot as well..LOL)

Like the new look??

Thought I would redesign my blog page a bit.   I am not sure if I totally like it.  I might change up again.  I sampled all different designs.  There were so many!!!  I couldn't decided what colors and design I wanted.  It was taking to much time.  For now this will do.  :) Till later,  Chris

Follow me!!

If you look on the side at "What I'm Up To!!" below my profile (about me).    I will send out little messages about my day.   So, even though there may not be an actual post from me in a few days, you can still find out what I'm up to on the side blog---right under my profile.  Till later,  Chris

The Birth Story

Ana Karisa (One week old Ana) It has been one week since my cutie, baby girl Ana Karisa entered this world and into our arms. She is so cute.  I know the first picture in her announcement was not the best picture of her.  But you know how those newborn babies can look right after birth.  Puffy everywhere!! I found this one and thought--"Oh my goodness, look at those cheeks!! How kissable!!" (Kissable newborn baby Cheeks) Since her birthday, her cheeks have gone down a bit and she has lost some weight, waiting for my milk to come.  I must say this has been the longest wait for my milk to come in.  Almost a whole 5 days.  She was so hungry on the third day I had to give her a bit of formula.  I've never had to supplement like this with my other children.  She didn't nurse well the first 24 hours of her life.  I think this was partly due to the fact of me being in the hospital and there were alot of people coming in and out.   Hospital staff, nurses, picture people,

She is Here!! Welcome Ana Karisa!!

Just a quick update to let you know we had the baby!!  Yay!!!! :D Here name:  Ana Karisa (pronounced  A-nah  Ka-ree-sah  ) Born: January 30 at 9:15 PM Weight:  7'2 oz  19 inches  Beautiful little girl.   Here are some pictures and when I start feeling normal and not so much like a milk cow, then I will post the details of what took place on Delivery day. ( Ana about 5 minutes old) (Here she after her check up--about 30 minutes old)   (Coming home!!  1 1/2 days old) We came home yesterday late afternoon, and I am lacking much sleep.  I really haven't slept since last Saturday.   She is nursing a lot right now to bring down my milk.  I've been nursing around the clock.  Almost every hour.  I am doing this because she has been hungry and I need my milk to come in as soon as possible.  I am showing signs today of it coming in.  She is not so fussy and more content.   It is so easy to forget about those newborn days.  It doesn't matter how many babies you have h