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The Birth Story

Ana Karisa

(One week old Ana)

It has been one week since my cutie, baby girl Ana Karisa entered this world and into our arms. She is so cute.  I know the first picture in her announcement was not the best picture of her.  But you know how those newborn babies can look right after birth.  Puffy everywhere!! I found this one and thought--"Oh my goodness, look at those cheeks!! How kissable!!"

(Kissable newborn baby Cheeks)

Since her birthday, her cheeks have gone down a bit and she has lost some weight, waiting for my milk to come.  I must say this has been the longest wait for my milk to come in.  Almost a whole 5 days.  She was so hungry on the third day I had to give her a bit of formula.  I've never had to supplement like this with my other children.  She didn't nurse well the first 24 hours of her life.  I think this was partly due to the fact of me being in the hospital and there were alot of people coming in and out.   Hospital staff, nurses, picture people, hearing specialist, etc...  Not much privacy for good nursing.  Which leads me to share my birth story of Ana Karisa.

On Friday morning of January 30th, I woke up having intense contractions coming every 10 to 20 minutes.  I just knew I needed to go into the hospital that morning.  That is when I sent out the first post saying I was headed for the hospital.  After I had posted, I started moving around more and getting things packed and in order.  I woke up Donnie and told him that we need to get ready to go  to the hospital.  Donnie was  so excited,  but I was in tears.  I don't know why I  was so emotional.  I guess just the thought of it being early and I just wasn't totally ready for her to come.  I sat at the kitchen table with tears running down my eyes while Donnie had a big smile and  said "This is so exciting!!"  I got over it pretty quick (the tears).

(Mommy and Ana right after birth--Joyful Baby Bliss!!)

(Daddy holding his newest baby girl--love in his eyes!!)

After I had my breakfast, the contractions spread out, and a few hours later, stopped.  How frustrating.  I was mad and tired.  I decided to go back to bed and try to sleep.  Donnie got dressed and went to work.  I had a doctor's appointment for 2:30 PM and knew the Doctor would give me some info as to what was taking place with all these contractions coming and going all week long.  

(Ephraim checking out his new sister.  He just poked her and then wanted down)

After my nap, I packed my bag with all the stuff I needed for the hospital, took my shower, and finished up a few things before leaving for my appointment.  Right before leaving the house, I had a strange feeling that my water had broken but wasn't totally sure.  I just felt like I was wetting myself (I know T.M.I.)  I also decided to take my hospital bag with me just in case my water had broken and I had to go directly to Labor and Delivery.  When I got to my appointment, the Doctor checked me out and yes indeed, my water had broken and I was about 4 cm dilated!!  We were going to have a baby no matter what.  Yes, now I was excited!! :D

(Kole checking out his new sister Ana)

The Doctor called down to L &  D and told them to admit me.  I immediately text messaged Donnie and told him to come to the hospital.  I had the girls with me and we were all so excited.  I walked down to L & D and they put me in a hospital gown and a room.  Then the waiting began.  I was very impatient that day and everything was bothering me.  I don't know why they were taking so long.  Didn't they know I could have this baby in a couple hours??  I really wanted to get my epidural.  One of the main reason for even being in a hospital.  I needed them to hurry and get things going before I progressed.  

(Galen and Daddy holding baby sister Ana)

When Donnie walked in,  I told him to get a nurse and let her know this is my eighth baby, I progress quickly, and I want to get an epidural.  The nicest nurse walks in and takes over.  She was a wonderful nurse and explained everything that was going to take place.  Remember I hadn't delivered in a hospital in 9 years.  Oh, and the funniest thing was, while she was prepping me up with I.V.'s and such, I was sitting there eating a big burger, fries and a coke.  The nurse so sweetly says,"Oh, they didn't tell you,  you couldn't eat during labor?"  I said "No", while still chomping down on my burger.  As she starts to put the I.V. in, I look at her and say "I guess I shouldn't be eating more then, huh?"  She smiles so sweetly and nods her head.  LOL :D

(Shiloh holding his baby sister--Ana resembles Shiloh)

She preps me up to get the fluids into my system before the epidural and she notices that my blood pressure in getting high.  I guess I was a bit nervous.  I could tell I was tensing up when contractions came.  I wasn't relaxing and letting labor happen.  She also had to run tests for pre-eclampsia, check my platelets, and had to wait for the lab work to come back normal so they could give me the epidural, this per my OB's request.  The pre-eclampsia and platelets test came back borderline.  Thank God they were still able to give me the epidural.  And thank God, I hadn't progressed much when the Doctor on call had checked me. I was still 4 cm.  He broke my water and within a 30 minutes I had progressed to 5 cm.  I got the epidural around 7 pm.  I was admitted at around 4:00 PM.   I know if I would have just "Let Go",  and relaxed I would have had the baby around 7:00PM.  Since, I had planned on getting an epidural, I was not allowing myself to relax, which in turn, made me not dialate.  I know this doesn't sound "natural" but I was not wanting to have a natural birth at the hospital. 
(Big brother Justin meeting Ana)

The anesthesiologists were wonderful.  They were wondering why I was at the hospital after giving birth at home the last 4 times.  I told them I was there this time for the pain killers and if I wanted to do it natural, I would be at home and in a birth tub right now.  There is no other way to labor naturally than in the water.  They wanted to know all about it.  It was neat to share a bit. 

(Here I am after my epidural.  Contractions were coming every 2 to 3 minutes.  I was feeling good.  Wow, what modern meds can do.  I could have delivered 10 babies in a row, feeling like this. LOL :D )

I, now, had the epidural and it was wonderful.  One side didn't take very well.  But it was ok.  I was in heaven.  I was alert, and aware of my surroundings.  It was neat to be in labor and not have to kick everyone out of the room and focus so hard during transition.   I was able to sit there and talk with my husband, laugh and talk on the phone.  I even thought about how I could be folding laundry...ha ha ha....yeah right!!!  I do remember hitting transition because I would have slight pains on my right side and this slight pain became a little stronger and I knew right then and there the baby was coming down the birth canal.  I asked Donnie to get the nurse and the epidural guy.  But, by that time, I knew I was late for another dose of the epidural.  

Donnie ran out the door and said "We are going to have a baby right now!!"  The Nurse came in and said I was at 9 cm and paged the doctor.  But the doc was in the O.R.   Thank God a midwife was on call and she came in to deliver Ana.  She was actually an answer to my prayer.  During my pregnancy, I had prayed that the person who delivers the baby would be more natural about birth than medical.  I didn't want an episiotomy and I didn't want all sorts of interventions. They almost had to put some kind of heart rate probe on the baby's head because they had lost her heart rate.  I knew everything was fine.  They gave me a little oxygen and then Ana's heart rate was found again.  So, in a couple pushes she was out. 

(Moriah and Tsavah were planning on being there for Ana's birth but they missed it by a few minutes.  Here is a picture of them walking in right after her birth.  Their faces are saying "AWWWWW".   We let them go to their best friend's slumber party and the plan was for my friend to bring them...well....they missed it.  Donnie actually said it was good they weren't there because of the chaos the nurses were making right before birth)

(The three sisters)

The right side pain I felt was nothing compared to natural labor.  It actually was a bit nice to feel some kind of pain.  It helped when I had to push.  It felt like I was having a baby during active labor.  This is the only way of describing the intensity of the pain I felt. It was also nice to give birth this way at the hospital.  I personally, would not give birth in a hospital without an epidural.   When I give birth naturally, it is such work and focus for me.  And I would not birth naturally, unless I was in water.  In a later post I will give my pros and cons of both a hospital birth (with meds) vs. a natural home birth.  So stay tuned. ;D

I know this post was long and if you endured to the end, bless you.  I, personally, love reading birth stories.  I will, of course, continue posting about life in general and keep you posted on how Ana is growing, as well as the other children.  

(Daddy and Tsavah kissing baby Ana.  Tsavah had been praying for a baby sister for sweet.)

Blessings and till then, 



Unknown said…
Wow! Who was your midwife? Was it Jane??? Or AnnMarie?? I LOVE them! I hope you are feeling well and the nursing is going better. I can't wait to come by this week. I will call you! She is beautiful. :)
Anonymous said…
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! So wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Dana
Perfect! Love her name! I'm so happy for you! I have baby on the brain big-time, even with all our transitions! :o) Thanks for your kind and loving comment!

Blessings to you!
Farmer Boy's MOM

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