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Hannah and Ana

I know aren't they SO precious!! This is Ana's little friend Hannah. Some friends came over for dinner some weeks back. Hannah is their first baby. Hannah was born about 5 weeks early. You can't tell. She has gotten so big. She is about a month older than Ana. We thought it was so cute they were wearing the same colors so we snapped some pics. They are so cute!! Anyway, quick update---- I have been extremely focused on my routine/schedule so I haven't had much time to do some free time stuff like blogging, surfing the net, or even checking my emails much. There is so much to do here at home and I need to catch up on alot. Plus I've been to the dentist almost every week this past month. I've been taking some of the kids in for appointments and I had a root canal. Ouch!! Actually, it wasn't that bad. I had my part 2 of the root canal yesterday. And in a few weeks, I will get my crown placed. FUN!! I much rather be blogging than sitting at t

Just Ephee

This week's post is about Ephraim my "So adorable, you just have to kiss and squeeze him!" little boy. Ephee is almost 18 months old. He is such a cute little boy. He has the biggest blue eyes (well sometimes they look green to me). He has the dark hair and he is so squishy. He doesn't talk much but when he wants something he will let you know with a BIG YELL!!! Yeah, not fun. Oh, and he loves to eat. He isn't very picky but you better be quick to get his food on the highchair tray or else you get a BIG YELL!! We are training him to say please and ask quietly for his food. He loves Ana and says "Ahhhhh" and gives her a kiss when he notices her. He is so sweet!!! I know, momma's love. Ephraim loves going outside. I snapped these the other morning when we were taking our walk. He also loves his baths....I think he is going to love the pool this summer. Chris

Celebrating with Family

Yesterday, for Easter Sunday, we went to my in-laws. We had a blast. The kids played in the pool, made mud pies, played football, went Egg hunting, and had some yummy food. I just hung out with the "big girls" and chatted. Ana was a little fussy. This was her first time at Mema's and Pop's house. She didn't have her bed there, so she wasn't settling to sleep very well. Most of the time she was held by one of the adults. Here are a few snap shots from yesterday: (Here are the grandkids all but one...Ephee was getting his diaper changed) (Ephraim didn't know what he was looking for!) (Daddy, Tsavah, and Ana looking for eggs) (My sister-in-law puts these on Ana..sweet baby, didn't know what to think..LOL) (The girls and their cousin Ethan) (Here we are...All the "KIDS"--big and small)

Ana's Baby Dedication

Today we had Ana dedicated publicly unto the Lord. Here are a few pics of todays big day. (Taken before the dedication) (Our Pastor praying over Ana) (Another photo of all of us and our Pastor and wife) (Ana and me) Chris