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A Justin Post--Happy Birthday and Birth Story

(Justin hanging at the pool)

(Look out behind you!!)

(Like father, like son)

(Showing off his Hulk muscles)

(And of course...can't resist his favorite drink of all times)

My oldest son Justin turned 15 this past week. The day after coming home from our week long vacation. We were so very tired that day. I felt like we didn't do much at all. I don't think I took one picture of him or I didn't even make him a cake (I know bad mama!! I was going to bake him a cake but it never happened---his sister, actually, made him one a few days later, along with a Father's day cake--for her daddy). Please don't throw stones at me for not baking him a cake. I feel bad enough as it is.

He had a great birthday and a great vacation leading up to it. Justin got to do what he wanted all week long...mega-swimming, basketball, put-put golf, movies, staying up till God knows what hour in the morning, you name it. On one of the days, while all of us stayed back at the condo, he went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with just his dad. They had such an awesome time riding roller coasters of all types. Nothing stopped waiting for little brothers or sisters, or mom...LOL. They had all the time they wanted, to do what they wanted. He had a BLAST.

On his actual birthday....he got to go out to Duncan Donuts with me and no one else. It was nice just hanging out with my oldest boy. Later that day we asked him what he wanted to do and he had two requests....hang out with one of his good friends or go to a movie or both....we blessed him with the latter. Him and his good friend Jonny enjoyed their afternoon together watching the newest X-men movie. What more can two teens want? He was thankful as always.

Now I will share some of his birth story with you all...

Justin Allen came into this world on June 20th, 1994 at 8:19 am. He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz--he was my smallest baby. Rewind back about a year before his birth when Donnie and I met for the first time. Yes, you read right--a year before his birth Donnie had our first date. I don't exactly remember the actual date of our first date but we met in June of 1993, in college. About 3 months later I was pregnant with Justin....yes, we moved fast and do not recommend this way of living. This all happened before knowing any of God's Word--before Christ (B.C.)

What were we thinking. Donnie had just turned 19 and I was 22 almost 23 yrs old. Babies, mere babies, we were. We were in love and why not have a baby....duh, why didn't we wait till after marriage. I remember finding out I was pregnant..."What did we do?" was the first question that went through my mind. I remember going into one of those "women's clinics" and getting a free pregnancy test. They called me into a patient room and the nurse sits me down and says "your test was positive, you are pregnant, we can discuss options if you would like." I thought, "Options??!!?? Of course I am keeping my baby...yes we were stupid to have done this but it isn't the baby's fault. " I looked her in the face and said "I am keeping the baby, thank you."

As I walked into the waiting room I see my nervous boyfriend standing there looking at me with a half smile---I whispered to him that I was pregnant. His eyes are wide open and his expression on his face is wordless...he leans down (he's 6'1 and I am a foot shorter) and hugs me ever so hard and says he is happy. He was happy to be a daddy at 19 yrs old. Just starting college and just had met his future wife. I remember the ride back home, wondering how I was going to break the news to my family and his. Wow!! How young and dumb we were.

Fast forward to the day of Justin's birth. The Friday before, I had my doctor's appointment and they told me my blood pressure was spiking and I needed to go on bedrest. I was 2 weeks shy of my due date. I remember telling my boss that I had to take an early maternity leave and I would see them in about 8 weeks. I remember going out that night to celebrate our 1st anniversary of being together. In the middle of that Saturday morning I wake up with contractions. Ouch,,,they hurt so bad. I tell Donnie we need to go in ASAP. I continue to have intense contractions. When the nurse checked me I was not even 1 cm dilated. How discouraging! She told us to go home, take it easy, walk around the mall. Yes, we did all that. I couldn't take the pain any longer and told Donnie to take me back to the hospital. It was now 3 pm, they checked me and I was barely 1 cm. Oh my!!! I couldn't take the pain any longer. They admitted me because I was hurting so much and crying so much. (Little did I know I was going to birth 7 more children and have 4 of them at home---what??!! LOL )

Sunday came and went. I remember Sunday like a dream. I hardly remember getting to 7 cm. All I do remember is my mom saying "I don't know how you are going to get that baby out" Gee thanks for the encouragement mom. I then remember everyone cheering because I could now get the epidural. They give me the epidural 15 hours into the labor. The total labor time from start to finish was 30 hrs. I must have fallen asleep for the remaining 15 because I woke up wanting more epidural and feeling like I needed to push. Lo and behold, no more doses and I could now start pushing. Yay!!! In just a few pushes, Justin entered the world. Donnie, Mom and I burst out crying. Crying because of the Joy of having such a sweet little guy and because of it being all over.

Looking at Justin now makes me feel so proud. He is growing into such a fine, handsome, and smart young man. He is such a funny guy. He has me laughing all day long. He is such a clown. I know his wife will be very blessed to have him as a husband. As far as a career for Justin, he is highly considering the Marines. We are not sure what path he will take--joining the military academy or going to college first and then joining. Not sure....but God knows and He will soon show us.

Until next post.. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!


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Unknown said…
Happy birthday Justin. What a great story.
Natalie said…
I love reading birth stories too !! HAppy Birthday !! Time sure flies by, but a what precious memories you have.

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