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Tsavah Leone Turns 10--The story behind her name

(this is her a just a week ago) (This was back when Tsavah turned 8.  I was a few days shy from delivering Ephraim) (When she first met Ephraim) (Tsavah and her baby sister Ana--So sweet) My beautiful daughter Tsavah (pronounced Sa-vah) turned 10 yesterday.  She is such a precious and beautiful young lady.  It feels like just yesterday I was cradling her in my arms and nursing the feisty little newborn that she was. When I say "feisty" I mean she was a little ball of fire.  When she was conceived I knew in my heart we were going to birth a very active and warrior of a child.  I felt I was going to have a boy.  When the day came to find out the sex of the baby, we were so surprised when the tech told us...."It's a girl"....."What?!  Are you sure"  I just thought we were going to have a boy. Months later as we were praying for her name as we usually do with all our babies,  I wasn't sure what name would b

Puppy Love

I love it!! Yesterday our wonderful friends of all time invited us for burgers, dogs, ice cream, cookies, lots of fellowship, and playtime with their adorable Lhasa Apso puppies. These little babies are sooooo adorable. They are balls of fluff and puppy breath!!! They are so cute. I was hoping my hubby would say "No problem, hon, lets take one home!!" Yeah.....RIGHT!!. He gave me one look and that answered my question. The kids enjoyed them, but my sweet baby girl Ana (these pictures tell all) LOL... Actually when we first arrived at their home, I placed Ana on the floor to see what she would do. She was happy until the cute little baby puppies started to lick her face and nibble on her toes with those sharp puppy teeth. OUCH!! OH NO......SHE DID NOT LIKE IT......NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!! Not even the puppy breath!! (Um mom...didn't I tell you I didn't like these fuzz balls with teeth) (mama....why are you laughing!! This isn't fun) (What are you l

Pray for baby Kara Faith

I have a wonderful mommy friend who I met about 5 years ago on the MOMYS group. It was actually pretty cool because she happened to live just 20 minutes away. We both had just had our 5th babies....both boys. We knew we had to meet. Fast forward 5 years and Nancy now has 5 boys and 3 girls (the third little girl being knit right now in her momma's womb) and her name is Kara Faith. Kara Faith was diagnosed with a condition called Holoprosencephaly (HPE) . T h i s c o n dition affects the development of the brain. If you want to know a bit more on this sweet baby please visit her blog. It is Sweet Kara Faith . You can also visit Nancy's blog at Mom Just Like You I, as a friend have committed to praying for Nancy and her sweet baby by going over to their home and laying hands on her belly and declaring the Word of God and healing over this precious gift. I will go and lay hands on her belly a few days before she has ultrasounds (she is to have one each month) I

Michelle Duggar has a Blog

For those of you who love the Duggar family and have always wanted to get some tips or pointers from Mrs. Duggar, welllllllll..... SHE HAS A BLOG. I just came from her TLC Blog and she has posted some helpful tips on running the home and character. Thought I would spread the word. There are also some short videos of their family. I don't have cable, let alone any channels (my media comes from the computer), so I don't watch their 18 and Counting show. This blog comes as a plus for me!! Chris