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Parade and The Ink Baby

Interesting title you might say. Yep, I have a few things to share. Last Friday, it was a special day in our town. Our town is extremely college football crazy, so much so, that the whole town shuts down just for it's homecoming day parade. I remember almost 12 years ago when I laboring with Moriah, I went to the my doctor's office to check in and they had gone home. Yeah, can you believe it?!! The whole staff had shut down because of the Homecoming day Parade. My goodness!! What fanatics!! Anyway.....last Friday we had a homecoming day parade and I actually went!! I haven't been in years. I just don't do well trying to push through crowds with a double strollers and toddlers in tow. :) I'm sure some can relate. I was dreading facing the crowds with all my children. But I tought it out!!! This year my gorgeous 15 year old son was marching in the parade with his color guard team. I had to show up. I, as the proud mama that I am, had to be there to watch

Ana's Photo shoot

My gorgeous little, baby girl Ana was photographed by my friend Tracy a few weeks ago.  Tracy is a very talented photographer who recently started her own photography business.  She is a homeschooling mom of 4 and works her business whenever she gets a chance.  Her phone is ringing off the hook, but since her family comes first she books up quickly.  I feel very blessed she took these of Ana. Tracy and I would joke around about when the actual photo shoot would take place.  We would say it would be for Ana's wedding.  ha ha ha.  We both have been so busy since Ana's birth.  Tracy had her baby own baby girl about three months prior to Ana's birth.  We originally scheduled a newborn session.  I am so glad we finally got it done.  I know she isn't a newborn anymore but still...... I have these awesome pictures to fill my walls with.  That is the goal and plan. It was so hard to get Ana to smile.  She's been teething.  Poor baby.  But you would never know how much

My Ephraim Tobias (Ephee) turns two--Sharing his home birth

Ephraim Tobias turned two years old the other day, September 28th.  I know I'm a bit late on posting but I had Tsavah's birthday post first and since I only post about once a week...I waited.  ha ha. We didn't do much for his birthday.  Actually....he didn't even know it was his birthday.  What two year old really does?  The day before,  he went over to his Mema's and Pops house and they sang happy birthday to all those having a birthday in September.  I think there were 4 birthday celebrations!!  So on his birthday we just sang happy birthday and gave him a balloons.  Yep, no big toys and not much money spent.  The kids have so many toys anyway, I could have wrapped an old toy and he wouldn't have known.  Ha ha. Ephee's (pronounced ee-fee and we pronounce Ephraim:  ee-fram) home birth was the last one I had.  I delivered Ana at the hospital.  Having Ephraim at home was such a great experience.  He was my 4th home water birth.  I don't even think I&#