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Thanksgiving post coming soon

Letting you all know, I am still promising the Thanksgiving post. My daughters went to their Aunt's house for a sleep over and are still not home. They've been busy making ornaments and taking tons of pictures. Yep, my camera is with them, which has all my Thanksgiving pictures. So the Thanksgiving post will have to wait. I can give a bit of a teaser though.... Nothing spectacular happened other than there being about 34 (I think) people in my In laws home. Yep, there was a tight squeeze! I loved it when we all held hands to say the Blessing. Donnie's 80 something year old grandma (mother of 8) was there and it was so awesome to see how many of us came from her seed! It really was wonderful! Not all of her children were there. Four of her biological children were there and the rest of us were the fruit of the fruit of her womb or the spouses of the fruit. I love FAMILY!! Oh, and my In laws were absolutely wonderful because they bought extra turkeys to give a

My Moriah Faith is 12 and sharing her Birth Story

I know this post is a little late but never to late to honor my beautiful daughter Moriah for her belated birthday. Moriah turned 12 on November 7th. She is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady in every way. It is so awesome to have an "older" daughter. Even though she isn't technically a teenager she is a very mature and responsible young lady. I so much enjoy my time with her. I love to talk to her because her heart is so tender for the Lord. I think this is such an amazing thing to have at 12 years old. She is hungering so much during this time of her life to know God more in an ever so personal way. It is so nice to watch the growth and maturity in all areas of her life. I know we are going to be so close when she becomes a grown woman. I have visions of us shopping, going out for coffee, praying, having girls night out and playing with my grandbabies that will be birthed from her womb. It is such a joy to have been blessed with my sweet Moriah

Mommy Love--day at the Park

Life's been busy, but so wonderful!! Homeschooling, keeping up with the house, the children, and loving my husband can be time consuming. I don't have much to say, but wanted to post some pictures of us at the soccer park the other day. I had gone to Justin's soccer game and Shiloh helped snap some of these pics of me and the kids. Enjoy!! The amazing circus girl!! Daddy, Mommy, Galen and Ana Mommy and baby Mommy and Galen Mommy and Kole Mommy and Shiloh Mommy and Ephraim Ephraim getting into the charcoal. Don't worry it wasn't hot Buddys: Kole and Galen

It about You!!

Here is a song I started to sing unto the Lord this morning as I was cleaning up my kitchen. It's not about the riches It's not about the treasures It's not about the healings It's not about the things you give, LORD. It's all about the one who is in Meeee It's You, Lord....Only You Lord. It's all about your beauty inside of Meeeee. It's You, Lord...Only you Lord, Only You Lord, and your glory inside of Me. I thank you Lord, for all your goodness. Thank you Lord for your peace. I thank you Lord, for your glorious grace in me.... Holy, holy! Holy, Holy! Holy, holy are you Lord, God Almighty! Worthy, worthy! Worthy, worthy! Worthy, Worthy are you alone, inside of me. You make my life complete and this is all that counts when you speak to me in the quiet of my house. I want nothing more than you, to hear your voice in me, speaking those treasures of untold mysteries. Glory, glory! Glory, glory. How can life be any different without You. Mercy, merc