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My Moriah Faith is 12 and sharing her Birth Story

I know this post is a little late but never to late to honor my beautiful daughter Moriah for her belated birthday.

Moriah turned 12 on November 7th. She is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady in every way. It is so awesome to have an "older" daughter. Even though she isn't technically a teenager she is a very mature and responsible young lady. I so much enjoy my time with her. I love to talk to her because her heart is so tender for the Lord. I think this is such an amazing thing to have at 12 years old. She is hungering so much during this time of her life to know God more in an ever so personal way. It is so nice to watch the growth and maturity in all areas of her life. I know we are going to be so close when she becomes a grown woman. I have visions of us shopping, going out for coffee, praying, having girls night out and playing with my grandbabies that will be birthed from her womb. It is such a joy to have been blessed with my sweet Moriah.

After saying all this let me share a bit of her birth story!!

Moriah is my first baby in Christ. Not that my son isn't but she is the first to be birthed while a Christian walking out my salvation. Before dedicating my life completely over to God, my husband and I had begun going to church. My knowledge of the Lord's love started to fill my heart, soul, and mind. I was hungering after the Lord so much!! I was passionate.

I received the Lord one night around November of 1996 (this is a story I want to save for my salvation story--it is quite amazing) and my heart was changed forever. After my salvation, my heart was filled with the desire for a baby. We then made the decision to get off of birth control and start trying for a baby (in hopes of a sweet little baby girl, to!!). Month after month went by and no baby. I became quite discouraged with the thought of maybe never bearing a child again. I didn't know what was going on. I remember praying with a friend and asking the Lord to bless me with a baby. Quite clearly I remember how this sweet friend shared the story of Abraham and Isaac and the story of Hannah. These bible stories boosted my faith and I knew that the Lord would bless me with a baby. I knew if He worked these miracles with these women of old then certainly He would do it for me. He is good!!

I continued to wait and wait, knowing that it would happen one day. My heart still longing for a baby, my heart was now more focused on the Lord and His will. Around the beginning of 1997, I chose to make my salvation public and I walked to the front of the church and made a public commitment to serve the Lord all the days of my life. My heart was filled with joy and love. I would say days after my public commitment Moriah Faith was conceived. Few weeks later before becoming water baptized I took a home pregnancy test and revealed that indeed God hasd blessed me with a baby. What joy and love I felt. I was glowing not just from my pregnancy but now because I was a new creation in Christ. I remember how special this made my water baptism experience. It was beautiful!!

I loved my new life. A friend of mine led me to read a book called Supernatural Childbirth. This book opened up my mind into believing for a pain free birth. Could this be possible? The lady in the book experienced it? I devoured this book and prayed daily over my pregnancy, my labor and delivery. I was determined to experience a supernatural childbirth. Nothing compared to my 30 hours of labor and lots of pain with my first. I was not about to have that. Plus I wanted to have a natural birth.

I was truly blessed with my pregnancy. I walked in so much grace and peace. I knew I was going to have a wonderful pain free experience. It is actually funny because we were so radical for the Lord that we often were offensive to many with our passion for Christ. Too pushy maybe! Well, maybe to hasty. Not that we shouldn't share the gospel but we were sort of judgmental in our walk. We had the "You have not idea what you're missing out on!" attitude. I'm sure some can relate to this type of passion. We lost quite a few friends during this time. It's a miracle our family didn't forsake us. Ha ha ha!! We have calmed down a bit but our passion for Christ is ever so strong.

I was two weeks early with my first so I thought I would deliver Moriah two weeks early. We were quite surprised when my little bundle arrived three days after her due date. I awoke feeling some twinges here and there. Nothing severe. I thought..."wow I can handle this. But I thought I was not going to have pain? Hmmmmm." I called Donnie early in the morning since had already gone to work (he worked loading boxes into UPS trucks in the early morning hours). I told him that I was feeling something and my contractions were coming pretty consistent but they didn't hurt. Yes, I was feeling something but very, very manageable.

Since I felt I was handling everything so well, I decided to clean up the house. It was easy to do back when there was only one child in the house. Not much cleaning.....boy, I do remember those days when my house was relatively clean. ha ha ha!!! Donnie comes home at around 9 A.M. and we hand around the house some more. I am feeling good. Yes, I had some pains but again nothing serious. Close to noon time we decide to head to the doctor's office to have them check me. When we arrived at the office we see the sign on the door "Closed for the day due to the Gator Homecoming Parade" What?? Yes, our town has a bunch College Football fanatics. If you read my other post a few weeks ago, you know what I'm talking about.

We then walk down to labor and delivery, walk straight to the nurses station and look at them and say......"I think I'm in labor." The young nurse looks at me and says...."Are you sure?" and I say.. "I think." Our conversation then goes back and forth....."Are you having contractions?" "I think. They're about 5 minutes apart" "Well you sure don't look like you are in labor." I then smile and think....of course....I've been praying everyday for the past 9 months to have an awesome labor and delivery.

They admit me at around 2 pm. Check my cervix and find that I am about 3 cm with my bag of water bulging. The doctor asks me if I want her to break my water. Since I've been wanting to go all natural I tell her I want to wait a little longer and see what happens on its own. She then leaves the room and I start my walking. Wow....this is so different from my first child birthing experience where I was SCREAMING about 1 cm. This is awesome....Thank you Lord!!

The doctor walks back into the room and asks if I want the bag of water broken. By this time an hour or more has passed by and I felt peace about the process moving along. Yeah, I was starting to "feel" more pain and was excited to see this labor pick up. She checks me and I am now around 5 or so cm and bag is ready to be popped. Within minutes those hard contractions kick in. I remember Donnie holding me, comforting me, and reading scriptures. I had some worship music playing in the background and really enjoying the moment. Yeah, and double yeah, the contractions were very strong and yes, I was feeling pain. Thoughts of failure were filling my mind at the moment because I wasn't experiencing "pain free" childbirth. I definitely needed to stop thinking like this and focus on the birth. I was wanting to receive the pain meds but refused. The prayer and scriptures brought me back to focus. Within a few minutes of tough labor Moriah Faith was born......Yes, I screamed which made about 5 hospital staff members run in and say "What is going on?? Are we having a baby???" WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Moriah Faith was born right before 5 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 6 oz. She was the most beautiful little baby girl I had ever seen. A head full of jet black hair (I mean LOTS of hair. I could put a tiny pig tail in her hair...yes, she wore big girl barrettes as a newborn), a square little nose, chubby cheeks, and rosy pouty lips. She was absolutely kissable. I was in mommy bliss!

Oh, and her name was given to us by the Lord months before her birth. We had been praying and I remember listening to a sermon on the radio and the man was speaking about Mount Moriah, and how the Lord God provided Abraham with a sacrifice instead of killing his son Isaac. During this time of our lives we had just started trusting the Lord to provide for all our needs. Also it was a time that God provided much, much Faith in Him. So her name means The Lord will Provide Faith.

This post has taken two days to type. I hope you read till the very end. It as worth it wasn't it. ha ha ha. Thanks again for taking time to visit my blog. I write post not just for my own memories but for my friends and family.

Love you all....



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MORIAH!!!! Today is my daughter's birthday, Chris. Karizma turns 15!

Now to go finish reading the post. Love and miss you. Sorry I have been MIA.

Your sister from anotha' motha'
Oh, I loved reading this post!!! It reminds me of when Natalie came to the Lord. We are pretty sure they conceived the night they got saved and she was able to have her water baptism just after she found out she was expecting #4. Her story is amazing.

I love how the Lord revealed her name. What a beautiful story. And your prayers availed much, Sister. They were not in vain, and you did not fail. God uses all those circumstances to grow us. I love each one of my birth 'pains' because I see it as a privilege that many women cannot experience. I embrace them and look forward to the next round, ha ha!

Love and miss you!
Last comment..promise.

Zack loved the 'Don't worry be happy song'. He is singing it super loud now. ;0)
Moriah said…
Thanks mom, I never new my birth story was like that!

Than you so much!

I love you lots!

I just never told all the little details behind your birth. I don't know why I haven't. I am so glad I typed it out. I actually forgot about how awesome it was!! It was all down deep in my memory bank....:)
j said…
Beautiful post. Life is beautiful. Thank you so much for the encouraging words on my blog and for thinking of me, how strange the Lord put me in your thoughts that one day. God is amazing. I just sometimes cant even understand at all why he loves me so much and why He is so faithful to me. He is wonderful. I trust Him with this trial and wherever it leads me I know He will hold me. Bless you and I love you in the Lord Chris.

Brooke said…
Hello!! Wonderful story!! Thanks for and following my blog!! I love your blog!! Happy birthday, Moriah!!
busymomof10 said…
Beautiful birth story! Thanks for sharing! :)

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