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My husband preaching the Gospel!

Once a month for the past three years our family has been going out with our outreach group from our church and passing out bread and goodies in a lower income neighborhood. How it usually works is we go out for a couple of hours on a Saturday and some of us bag the groceries while the rest of us ask the people what their needs are and if we could pray for them. The Lord has opened up many opportunities to minister one on one to many of these people simply needing some prayer and the Love of God. Since doing this every month for the past three years we started becoming weary. It seemed that all we were doing was passing out food and we felt we were just another "social service" group doing a good deed. We weren't seeing much fruit from it. Donnie and I were so close to calling it quits when the Lord gave us another open air preach the Gospel! Ladies from our group passing out food and in the back you can see one of our sisters ministering And there i

Finally My Thanksgiving Post!!

Finally my Thanksgiving Post!! Every other year we spend Thanksgiving with Donnie's side of the family. I love it!! My in-laws home gets filled up with LOTS of kids (mostly ours) and LOTS of big kids. Here are some pictures we snapped of our special day. I will put descriptions at the bottom of most pictures. Sit back and enjoy. The post that will come soon is my birthday post! When I get to it, I will tell you how I spent celebrating my 39th birthday! I still feel like I am in my 20's. Guess the children keep me young! I love my life!! Ok here it goes: My In laws: Donnie and Chris Yep, you read this right! They are also named Donnie and Chris (they are the originals...ha ha ha). It gets a bit confusing when we all gather together, but usually they are called Pops and Mema by most of us. It get confusing when others are calling out our names and then we both answer "Yes?" Me and my Babe-Donnie!! I love this man! What a gift in my life! Donni

My Singing Tsavah!!

A few weeks ago, without me knowing, Tsavah and Shiloh got a hold of my camera and shot this video of Tsavah singing. She wanted to make a video for her blog. I thought I would share this with you. I really feel she has a good voice. Tsavah is my child who sings ALL THE TIME. She's been singing since she was two. She loves to worship the Lord. The song she was going to sing was a worship song, but for some reason she sang the chorus of a Disney song. So sit back and enjoy.. Oh, and isn't Shiloh such a "cool dude"? LOL Chris