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Kara Faith Palmer has Moved to Heaven!!

Sharing with you all that Little Miss Kara Faith Palmer has moved to heaven! Her move became official at 7:00 am right as the sun arose at her 7 week old birthday. She passed in the arms of her mommy and daddy comfortably and in peace right where she was meant to be In their loving arms. Even though she had her disabilities She is perfect in the eyes of those who love her Unconditionally I miss her I think I will always miss this little one She will FOREVER be part of my life I never carried her But walking through this with her mommy impacted my life in many many Ways She is so beautiful And I know that TODAY She is walking through the field of flowers laughing running playing It was hard for her mommy and daddy to let her go To live is Christ but To die is Gain She is in Her new home now with the BIG DADDY GOD and one day soon We shall see her again!! We all love you KARA FAITH PALMER 4 EVER The night before her passing we got a chan

Preaching for Jesus!

A few weeks ago we went out on our outreach to one of the neighborhoods in town. My husband preached the gospel again! The crowd wasn't large, but you never know who is listening from their apartments. Also we had a nice group of children come out to listen and play games with us. My husband is a former elementary school teacher so he is very gifted in teaching the children. He is in his element! He did preach a general gospel to the adult audience but then he focused the attention on the children that were there. Our children of course made up for alot of the crowd....LOL! Just with us being there we had a large crowd......ha ha ha. Here is a clip of my handsome husband preaching the Gospel! Here are some pictures to share Donnie preaching! This is the church bus we use to bring the boxes of food to the people in need! Some ladies from our church praying for Ms. Barbara who is such a wonderful Godly woman in the neighborhood. She is blind, but everyday she is get

Silly Sisters

I was thinking I needed to post something silly and not so serious! LOL These are my beauties--my girls! I am so glad I have them in my life. I am so glad they have each other. I know one day soon, before I even realize it, they will be all grown up, married and having their own families. Wow......really before I realize it. I can't believe they are 10 and 12 already. Where did all the time go. I am enjoying every moment. be honest, not every moment. There are those days when these two lovelies get on my last nerve. LOL Yep, they have hormones, are females, and I don't have to explain the rest, because we women know what I am talking about. But, I wouldn't trade them for anything!! Love, Chris

A Public Apology

I want to apologize publicly to all my followers and the anonymous woman or to whomever might have agreed with the anonymous woman. As I was in my kitchen cooking my soup that I make every Super Bowl Sunday the Lord kept ministering to my heart as far as feeling anger toward this woman I have never met. I don't know her only by anonymous and just see her as letters. I don't know who she is, but that doesn't matter. I felt the correction of the Lord in regards to my ugly heart of anger and frustration. I shouldn't of ever let it get out of hand like this. I know some of you might think....."why apologize" or "you have the right to say whatever you choose this is your blog". I know it is my blog, but I rather not have anyone ever feel anger or frustration in their heart. I don't want to ever cause division in the body of Christ. I don't want to offend anyone. I know some might think that it's ok, but I just don't want the fig


This morning my husband and 4 of my older children went to church because our van has been broken down for the last two weeks and we don't have the money yet to fix it. It's coming soon!! So anyway, this morning I am sitting in front of my computer watching my church family worship. It is so awesome to watch those at the body worship the Lord. As I sat there worshipping along with them. My heart flooded with love. Tears began to run down my cheeks know the Love of God abides so near to my heart. I have the passion and love of God burning in the innermost parts of my heart. It is so hard to explain it unless you have felt it. And those who have, know EXACTLY what I am talking about. The Love of God is the most amazing feeling anyone could EVER, EVER experience on earth. Nothing compares to it! Nothing!! Not husbands, not children.....but the pure Love of God is all we need on this earth. I thank God that through the gifts of my husband and children I can show

Why can some be so nasty and mean about their "laws"

I just need to vent because this is my blog. And you know what? I am a real person who gets a little bent out of shape know? Why do some insist on coming back and being venomous? This whole time I have been trying to be kind and loving dealing with this whole skirt or no skirt thing and some insist on biting back. I leave it to God. Yes, it is hurtful and my heart grieves. I just had to add to my post. I haven't even posted some of the comments because they are getting very nasty. Accusing me of being ungodly. How sad can some religious people darn sad. :( This is a poison to the faith in our Lord Jesus. Imagine how Jesus must have felt when those religious Jews went around talking bad about Jesus for being a lover to the sinner and yes, he broke the Law by doing good works on the sabbath and touching lepers and not washing his hands. These were the laws laid out in the scriptures and He broke them. The religious were MAD!! Unfortunately, today we ha

Part 2 of my last post/A Reply to a Comment

I decided to write a second part to my last post in response to some comments that were left. I understand the heart of the woman who wrote the response and I am in no way being critical of her comment. I just want to share my heart in a more deeper way. Here it goes: By far am I thinking and promoting people to walk in gray areas or sin. I am just simply sharing that we are all on this journey of walking with the Lord and sometimes we as Christian women can put yokes of bondage out of Law and not allow the Lord to change us by His Spirit. I am wanting to share how the Grace of God has taught me that by His Spirit I can be changed, not by doctrines or teachings of religion. Yes, the bible clearly says that women should wear modest apparel. Does this mean skirts? Yes, it says that having long hair is a covering for the woman? But will Jesus still love me if I do cut my hair? And how long is long enough? Some women cut their hair to help a good cause such as wigs for cancer