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Busy Lives!

(Caleb, Tyler, Justin, Dillon, MaryElizabeth) (Justin presenting the Flag) (Eades, Gwynn, Tuttle, Willis, Dowell) Moriah is an alternate My husband and two oldest, Justin and Moriah are at Patrick Air Force Base in Titusville, FL today for their color guard team practice. My husband has been putting in so many hours chaperoning this team. Boy, I sometimes feel like a single mother since he's either working in our home office (I call it his "cave"), at color guard practice, or youth group (he leads our church middle schoolers called NRG-Nothing Replaces God) The kids are practicing twice as much lately since they are going to compete next weekend for regional competition. They are currently the state champs! If they win next weekend they will fly out in a few months for Oregon to compete in the National Color Guard competition for Civil Air Patrol. I feel mixed emotions about this whole thing. Part of me wants them to win because they have worked so hard, and then

The Business Rockstar

I thought I would introduce my husband's new business: BUSINESS ROCKSTAR Donnie has launched his new business that has been in the works for over a year now. At the end of 2009 the Lord led us to launch the business in January. Exciting things are happening. Donnie has been hard at work establishing the website. Just click on the link above and it will take you straight to the website. Donnie received the word of the Lord in September of 2008 that the Lord had great things for Him. Donnie truly had a supernatural encounter when the Lord revealed many things to his heart. Lots of words came flowing the night the Lord spoke clearly and supernaturally in his heart. It is an amazing experience. Donnie and I are passionate in encouraging others that the Lord has great and marvelous things for His children. God is truly for us and not against us. He doesn't have this awful thing in store for our lives. He always leads us to the fruitful land and where His blessing

A Celebration of Kara's Life

This afternoon my little friend Kara Faith's body was buried. Today I share this sweet slide show which portrays her beautiful life she had here with her family. She is precious. I of course broke down in tears when this was showed at her Service. Sit back and enjoy! Grab the'll need them.