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The Crew is off to Oregon

Yep, the big day has finally arrived,  The Civil Air Patrol  Color Guard National Competition begins with a bang tomorrow!   Remember earlier this year they won state and regional In the wee morning hours of 3 am, I woke to drop off Donnie, Justin, and Moriah at their destination so they could drive to airport along with the whole team.   Donnie had mixed emotions being tossed from wanting to stay with me, to taking all of us (which was totally impossible),  to just enjoying the whole experience.   I think he was excited deep down but didn't really want show it openly knowing I was left behind with the little ones.  Moriah was all giddy because she's never flown before. :) Justin was so excited after hearing they will be driving over to the west coast which is about an hour's drive from where they will be staying for six days in McMinnville, Oregon   We looked it up on Google Earth and then spanned over to look at west coast, Oregon.   I am guessing they will be v

Let's Celebrate!

Guess what I'm NOT doing right now.... the laundry and the dishes INSTEAD i'm typing this post... :)'s been one of those days and it's already late.... I feel like nothing has been accomplished.....ugh!! It's ok....i am not going to let this bring me down nope... This whole month has been filled with lazy summer days. Rising late, staying up late, playing, chatting with friends.... here I am doing what I like to do best  chatting This past weekend My son Justin turned 16 and we threw him that surprise party I mentioned.   he looks quite confused why are my friend here? Yep, he was surprised.  It was perfect weather. A bit humid but nice and sunscreen.... no burns and lots of hours spent playing, EATING, and chatting away till late....  friends ran out to greet him what are you doing here ? friends squirting him with squirt guns he's saying "whoa" He had a blast! played