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The Crew is off to Oregon

Yep, the big day has finally arrived, 
The Civil Air Patrol  Color Guard National Competition
begins with a bang tomorrow!  

In the wee morning hours of 3 am, I woke to drop off Donnie, Justin, and Moriah at their destination so they could drive to airport along with the whole team.  

Donnie had mixed emotions being tossed from wanting to stay with me, to taking all of us (which was totally impossible),  to just enjoying the whole experience.  
I think he was excited deep down but didn't really want show it openly knowing I was left behind with the little ones. 

Moriah was all giddy because she's never flown before. :)
Justin was so excited after hearing they will be driving over to the west coast which is about an hour's drive from where they will be staying for six days in

McMinnville, Oregon  

We looked it up on Google Earth and then spanned over to look at west coast, Oregon.  
I am guessing they will be venturing out to Pacific City.  It was absolutely beautiful, unlike the Florida coast (which is beautiful in its own way--all of God's creation is amazing).  
It has those beautiful rocky cliffs and the unbelievable view.  This is all I "saw" from pictures on google maps and images.  

 this image was taken from google
hoping to have my "guys" take their own beautiful!

Ok, I gotta confess....I wish I was with them.  

I also gotta confess that I am so glad that this whole busyness of practicing all hours and everyday is finally coming to an end. 
I finally get the rest of the family back. 

If you add up all the practicing and time commitment they have given since they began competing, I think it adds up to about 10 months.  Yikes! 
No wonder I've been feeling a bit down.  

I was thinking of wives who have their husbands overseas on assignment for the military, or whose husbands have to travel all week and home only on weekends. 
I don't know how I would handle that.  I know if that was the case, I would have an incredible grace given to me.  All I know is that what I had to go through with some of the gang gone was a big stretch for me.  It really was!

I am so incredibly glad this season is over, so now we can get back to....
  • eating dinner as a family (which is what I have missed greatly)
  • Daddy coming home early and being with us in the evening (along with big kids)
  • Justin and Moriah now able to help more than just studying all day long for their exams they will be taking
  • having us all following some sort of routine again. 

And I do hope and pray my guys come back with the big National Competition First Place title.  They have truly worked so hard to make sure all their moves are precise and in sync... It's really a neat practice.

 Anyway......I don't know if I will be posting again this week.  
I will be spending some time out of town this weekend.  Yay!!

I am going to visit my mother, sisters, and nephews. 
I haven't seen them is quite awhile which is a real shame since they only live two hours away from me.   
This is what happens when busyness takes over, lack of funds, and other factors. 

I am believing for a nice relaxing visit:
hanging out pool side, beach side and possibly catching up with an old friend I knew back in high school.  I haven't seen this friend in many, many years.  So hoping we can take some time together. 
That would be real nice. 


Oh, I can completely understand all the mixed emotions! And you are totally right, it is absolutely gorgeous over there! There's no sales tax in Oregon maybe they will save a little money. :o) Hang in there while hubby is away. It will be so sweet when he returns along with your best helpers!

Have fun visiting your family!

Much love,
That's our neck of the woods! We are about three hours away from McMinnville. Steve's folks are about a half hour from there in Salem.

HOpe they Enjoy the coast. It is supposed to be beautiful this weekend.
Cinnamon said…
Your picture is pretty close :-) It is beautiful there but I think it's beautiful most anywhere :-)

Our oldest son is a U.S. Marine. He wanted to be a soldier since before he was 5 yrs old. He enjoys his work and is a proud soldier~

Sounds like a wonderful time getting away to visit family and friends. What a blessing to have them so close~

Enjoy~ Cinnamon
p.s did you get my email?
They are going to love McMinnville. I sure hope they get to see the air museum there. It is excellent! Hope they win!

As for military wives having there husbands deployed, you don't have a choice, you just do your job, just like our husbands have to do theirs. God gives us the strength to get through each day. He is so good!

Glad we're back in contact! I've been blogging less, but if someone leaves a comment, I visit their blog. It is the only way I can stay sane with visiting all the great blogs out there.

I know what you mean about routine. I crave it. Glad you'll be getting back to yours soon.
Mikki said…
Hello there~
I saw that you were following my blog and wanted to come by and say hi!
Where in FL are you? We are in Volusia county.
You have a beautiful family!!
Looking forward to following you now :-)

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