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Twas the Night before Evals

Okay, I lied!

I thought I wasn't going to post something.

but I'm in that sort of mood tonight.

Hubby is out late with the older two practicing for Color Guard National competition.

Even though, that can be hard on me

I am making the most of it.

As I was busy away typing the summaries of the year and checking over Justin's research

on the Arabs

~~~Wow oh wow....that is some interesting stuff there...

I am glad my son is interested in world culture and history....

I get to learn something....LOL~~~~

SO then I thought....what am I going to make for dinner


I haven't shopped for real groceries in I don't know how long

I thought...maybe PBJ sandwiches

but then I was thinking "what sort of mother would make PBJ's for dinner"

Ok...its me,, the mom of eight, rambunctious children.

But then I looked in the fridge and thought...."hmmmm....grilled cheese sounds yummy"

Oh my that is not a dinner....but then is my HOUSE, YEAH, my house!

Ok, so I passed up the idea of grilled cheese and went for the rotting veggies in my


I opened the crisper and voila, thank God they weren't rotting...

So I create my own little dish of sauted Eggplant, grape tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, garlic salt,

and some left over rotisserie chicken ....throw in some rice

(when I first started the meal)

and VOILA.....there you have it....a somewhat healthy dinner.

I added in some red wine....ha ha....because you know what....

(ahhh.... I can throw in some chicken)

shhhhh...don't tell anyone...

I poured myself a glass of wine.

While making my dinner, I turned on some jazz tunes and made a date out of it.....

Me, the veggies, and the frying pan....

The kids were watching Blues Clues....

yeah ....OK.....I was STRESSING


yeah, I really was...

I don't know why...I guess life has been hard on me lately...

I don't normally pour myself a glass of sparkling, ruby red wine on Wednesdays...

I thought I would live a more WILD LIFE....

and make life a little bit more EXCITING.....

(the finished product after the spinach was added)

In the midst of preparing for evaluations

The children had fun playing with the hose

(on a side note...Ignore the bars on the windows...I really don't like them...
we rent this house and I guess the owners before the owners we rent from (does that make sense) were paranoid so....
..I am planning on getting those down this summer)

I thought they were so cute and they were having such fun letting Ana get them soaked

At first I didn't want her to get wet but

OH WELL.....lets make the best of it.....

Okay gotta run and finish my preparations....

love you all



huh? Your food looks awesome! But I don't read that language! lol Tirzah said I need to copy and paste...I'll have to wait until tomorrow to do that!

What are all those symbols for? Is something wrong with my computer or yours? LOL!
Awesome! Much better! And don't worry, I don't think any less of you for having a glass of red wine! MIke and I have been known to have a glass now and then. :o) Never had a glass until I was in my late 30's! Late bloomer...

I still think your dinner looked awesome! Did the children eat it? We love grilled cheese!
You are a fun mama!

And, mums the on wednesdays sounds kinda nice. hee hee


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