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Living on purpose...

I had found myself living a life by accident instead of on purpose. 
What does this mean?   Well lots of things.....

For one....

my life had started to become rather boring....

I wasn't really creating beautiful moments in my life
or making sure things happened

They were just happening....

And believe it or not it was a bit dull....

or maybe I was becoming a bit dull or depressed

I don't know....

But this is how my soul searching thing began

you all know that part...

Interesting what happens when I decide to make things happen????

You see, I am a person who has great ideas...

novel inventions...
(maxi pads with wings was my idea when I was 13)

but these ideas tend to stay in my mind

I find it hard sometimes to make them come forth

I then beat myself up thinking

I'm worthless
I have no clue about mothering
What sort of 'JOYFUL' mother am I anyway
Gosh....I am such an awful wife who is ungrateful
Why can't I do more for my husband or my family

you know those darn thoughts that love to beat you down
Yeah....I struggle with them too :(

And also....
the busyness of life can come beating the life and purpose out of you

Life can come beating down with everything you have to do

that you forget the important things in life

laundry cries out to you...

bills come cry out to you 

daily cares of life cry out to you

to snuff out the true joys of life....

I'm not saying forsake the house and let it go to shambles 

not at all...I think there's a place for making our houses homes

but the true beauty lies in memories and moments created...

So this is how my soul searching began

and when I decided to live more on purpose...

I pulled out my calendar, my camera, my heart and began to live life to the fullest
for my kids

 for my husband

and for myself

I don't want to stop any ideas from coming forth by making a million excuses as to why I can't

Even with a little money
amazing things and memories can be made

All it takes is a little effort and a little love...
and voila....

moments are created
with results such as...
a happy momma
happy kids
happy husband

Moments can be anything

from playing outside with the hose

or going to the playground at the mall

or planning that day trip with your husband

or maybe a camping trip
(which I have planned for next month!!)

 I know these are simple

but they are beautiful!!

So scrubbing the baseboards can wait 

organizing my closet for the millionth time

can wait!!

There are more important things to





To make smiles last a lifetime.....

Oh and about those maxi pads with wings...

I would have been a very rich young lady if I had come forth with the idea before Kotex...
or maybe it was already invented....
and mom never bought them for me
Oh well....



You are so right! You are doing good, Mama!
momto9 said…
I do wiah we were neighbours...cause everyting you wrote is what I would have said...well except the pads with wings:) I'm a tampon fan:):):)
momto9 said…
oh and the pic with the baby and the hose in front of the house:) PRICELESS!!! so many memories are made in the simple things! BTW I'd love to see a post of your home (a home tour maybe?) I'm thinking of doing an updated one of mine (there is an old one on there)..
You are just great! I love your heart!

Thanks for the wings...I LOVE them!

kathy said…
Thanks for this post. It's what I needed right now (I always seem to need the reminder!). Sometimes it is so hard to just leave the housework and get on with life! But I'm trying :)

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