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Where does the time go....

I am playing catch up!
I been wanting to type every other day but you know how the story goes..
life happens!!

So I will take you back a few weeks sharing with you all...
Galen's 6th birthday!
boy where does the time go

Galen at about 5 months
Look at those eyes...

Here he is now!
Dunkin Donuts was his place of choice for a birthday breakfast
Chocolate frosted donut all the way!!

Picking out his coffee (no...not really)

my kinda guy...ha ha!

Ephraim wanted to come along for the treat too was off to the mooo-vies at the summer free movie fest
Kole was so scared of this cow that he ran and hid in a theatre
I couldn't find him...I even had the ushers helping. 

At home for chocolate cake!

I'm so embarrassed about this cake..
you only get to see a small portion of the mess I made.

I attempted to make a double layer cake which I frosted way to early

And if you are wondering about the recipe....this is Ms. Betty's recipe
aka Betty Crocker, (buy one/get one)

It was still yummy....Galen didn't mind
look at that smile

I didn't have pictures of this, but after DD's we went to Walmart and bought him some of his favorite toys. 

Then the following day his Mema took him out for more toys and spoiled him happy!
What are Mema's for... right?

I am hoping to come back in a few days and post about my 
15th Wedding Anniversary

Here's a sneak peek...

I bet you're curious as to what this was all about....ha ha!


Happy Birthday to your little guy! He is adorable!

I can't wait to hear/read about your anniversary!
momto9 said…
15th anniversary huh:) Time flies doesn't it?:) And happy B~day to the little guy whom I'm quite sure enjoyed his messy cake:):)
Looks like lots of fun! And Wow! That is a big cow!
Mikki said…
What a great catch up and I love mess up cakes.
Though they tend to look the wierdest, they usually taste the best!
Anonymous said…
Awww. Galen has cute eyes! Happy B-day!
Anonymous said…
So glad little kids don't really care what their cakes look like; mine are never as beautiful as they appear in the recipe/magazine!
Just found you through Soulemama, wanted to pop over and say hi!

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