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We're on the Move

Remember when I made a post about my home?   Remember how I wrote about how much I loved living here  and  how I think I might want to buy the home?  Well.... I now come to say that we are moving from this abode.    moving makes such a mess... Yep...making a move about 40 minutes south from my current city.   This is such a bitter sweet feeling.   Honestly....I've shed my share of tears.  I've felt overwhelmed....  I've felt sad...  I've felt all sort of things.    And I have also felt very excited about this whole new journey we are going to take.  Are you wondering what happened? Well lots....   I've shared in the past about my husband launching his business and  how we have somewhat struggled with finances? And....  how awesome God has been to meet our needs....remember all of this?   My brother-in-law came to help out with the move Anyway... have been discussing the possibility of us moving to help save money...  All in hopes my husband&#

My Mindless Activity....

Do any of you have those mindless times spent doing something that really doesn't matter?   Just wasting time...vegging....being mindless?  Yeah....I've been doing this lately in the evenings after the little ones are all tucked away in their little beds.   But I'm not alone though...  My husband joins me along with the older two, Moriah and Justin.'s rather fun.   :) Years ago we decided to get rid of cable TV. I thought it was just plain ole mindless... waste-less time.... Nothing fruitful or fulfilling about it.   Plus we rots minds!! Ha ha.    Now don't get me wrong I would still get free TV via the antenna and watch PBS or our local stations to watch local news.   I just didn't care for cable.  Actually, I still don't care for it.   But now... since the old antenna ways of watching t.v. are long gone and now have access of other technical gadgets our television viewing has taken on another form.... We do have g

A fun day!

Yesterday was such a fun day. We went on over to the museum of Florida natural history.   We haven't been in months maybe even a year.   This museum is about 15 minutes from home and free of charge. I have no idea WHY we haven't enjoyed it much more?  Donnie joined us and we made a family date out of it.    The kids all had fun searching for something to "learn" about.   Daddy doing what he does best....TEACHING Moriah telling the boys what exactly they were looking at Shiloh my scientist Cautiously entering the dark cave Curious Kole lots to see Lots to learn Playtime in the playroom Kole and I had a blast playing this giant matching game Today I received my comforters from my sweet friend.   She gave me three comforters, lots and lots of towels,  sheets,  a nice lamp (on the right), and   the decorative planter (it sits to the left of my bed).  Here is one of the sets I received.   Ok....Ok... so I am NOT a person who has any dec

A Peek into my Abode

L et me give you some history of the places we have lived since being married with children.  We started off in a one bedroom apartment...lived there for one year.   The following year we moved into a two bedroom mobile home....again stayed there about one year.  We then moved into university married housing (we were students)....another small two bedroom apartment.... it was around 500 sq ft...lived there about 2 years.  After graduation we moved into a nice, new three bedroom/2 bath apartment.  We lived there about 1 year and then bought our first home.   Our first home was a cute little three bedroom/1 bathroom home around 900sq ft.   We were paying a very low mortgage (sorta wished we still had that payment).  We lived in that home almost 5 years.   Had 4 of the children in that home (no didn't give birth know what I mean).   We then decided to "move up" in size of home and into a nicer neighborhood.  uh..huh...moving on the eastside (

Elvis and his helper...

Here is Elvis's helper.    This lens was fogged up on this pic...but I thought it gave it a vintage look.  I sorta like it. :) She did most of the picture taking and filming while my hubby was out doing his campaign.  She put in a whole day's work with her daddy.  I gotta give it to her for going out into town with her daddy dressed up in some silly costume.   Really.... I don't think I would have dared been seen with my dad like that.  She enjoyed her one on one time with her daddy.  Laughing, chatting,  eating lots of Jelly donuts, and if they were still hungry.... dining at some fast food joint.  She loved it!! The previous day she really looked like a 60's girl.  I had her hair all teased up and ready to go!! PS... I feel like I need to continue to sharing some of the little blessings God has been bringing continually to me.  This is how He is revealing Himself right now to show me.... His love, His closeness, His providence Sunday:

My Hubby's Elvis Campaign

It is quite interesting  fulfilling  and fun to be married to a man who has such a wonderful sense of humor. He is a character just on his own but look out when he dresses up in some sort of costume and becomes another character.    How about when it's for his JOB??!! No....he is not... an actor nor works at a theme park or even a carnival Yeah....he did travel with a carnival as a child but that's another story... Oh and he did want to be a clown when he grew up..   That....he is by nature He doesn't have to dress up for that.  He's a businessman!!   a Salesman!! but not a traditional sort of salesman.... nope not my husband.  You see he has to bring some sort of funniness into everything he does ATTENTION Today he launched the Business Rockstar (his business) campaign to offer his services with web video.    He dressed  up as Elvis and went to businesses passing out jelly donuts.   Yep.... oh boy...I told him I DO NOT want to