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Elvis and his helper...

Here is Elvis's helper.  
This lens was fogged up on this pic...but I thought it gave it a vintage look.  I sorta like it. :)
She did most of the picture taking and filming while my hubby was out doing his campaign. 

She put in a whole day's work with her daddy. 

I gotta give it to her for going out into town with her daddy dressed up in some silly costume.  


I don't think I would have dared been seen with my dad like that. 

She enjoyed her one on one time with her daddy. 



eating lots of Jelly donuts,

and if they were still hungry....

dining at some fast food joint. 

She loved it!!

The previous day she really looked like a 60's girl.  I had her hair all teased up and ready to go!!

I feel like I need to continue to sharing some of the little blessings God has been bringing continually to me. 
This is how He is revealing Himself right now to show me....
His love, His closeness, His providence

A friend, who is a single woman handed me $50. 

A woman from church who is a friend drove over to my house to give me a $100 gift card for groceries

Thursday (Last night):  
At my bible study....a friend came me puzzles for my little ones. 

Why is this so significant??
earlier in the afternoon as I am setting up my kids homeschooling schedule and activities for the little ones......

I "thought" not prayed.....
"I need to get some puzzles"

When I arrived at my friends house for bible study I saw puzzle sitting on her counter top.
The Lord spoke to my heart and said....
These are for you....
I argued with Him saying "I don't think so".....

So as I was about to walk out the door my friend says....
Oh Chris, these are for you.  

I had the biggest smile on my face and my heart seriously jumped with joy,
knowing that the Lord is indeed meeting my needs.  



Yay! Yay! Yay! Thank God! He's so sweet to us! He care about the little details of our lives! So insignificant, yet so meaningful!

Moriah is just gorgeous! All this donut talk is making me drool. We don't have a DD around us...I'm so deprived! lol

Anonymous said…
Your daughter is so beautiful. I am in awe of how the Lord is revealing himself to you in such an amazing way.

Thank you for all your beautiful comments you always leave me over at my blog Chris.

So cool! I love to hear things like that. God is amazing and I love Him so much.

BTW, I would have died with embarrassment if my dad dressed up like that. I think that says something about your girl;)

How's the weight loss going?
Anonymous said…
She is too pretty!! I Love her Dress!!!!

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