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A Closer Look...

Boy... have I been BUSY!! This country lifestyle and living with my in-laws has really made me very accountable.   Not that anyone is accounting for anything.   I am keeping myself accountable...... Little ole' me, myself, and I have laid out all the do's and don't of what to do around here. Plus....being close to my hubby makes me ultra accountable. Yeah...he's become like the "principal" around here.   He makes sure I'm up, dressed, and ready for breakfast before 7 am.  Breakfast can be anything from toast, oatmeal, sticky buns and many days.....cold cereal.  The past few days I've been dragging out of bed to a brewing pot of coffee my mom-in-law (Mema) has made and children already stirring in the kitchen.  Yeah....even the kids are getting up early to start school.   Kinda nice.... The older three do their schooling with dad after morning bible and I school Shiloh, Galen, and Kole.   Older kids finish up with dad around 9:30 AM and I'm s

My New Dwelling I think I can finally say we are all settled in.   After lots of packing, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning  and after my fingers worn down to the bone from scrubbing so many floors.... we are all settled in.  We had lots of unpacking too, but not nearly as much as packing. Plus we put half our house into a 10 x 15 storage unit....stacked wall to wall, ceiling to floor. Packed!!  unpacking   So here we are at my in-laws and guess what...I love it!!  the main house I know... I can't believe I'm actually saying this.     .....saying that I love it and that I don't mind not having my "own home".   Yeah... I am so very thankful the grace of God is so amazingly great.   All I can's by the grace of God that I am filled with thanksgiving and joy.  I knew I would deep down.   Even though part of me (before the move) had resistance to the move but when I realized that this was the path the Lord was taking our family, I beca

A Very Quick Update on the Move

Hey All... Here's a quick update on what's been going on since my last post.  Well....we are moved in for the most part.  I still need to go back to the old house and clean, clean, clean.   Lots of cleaning... I wish I had the pictures to show you how much of a mess we all made while living there for 4 years.   Those pictures will have to wait for another post. I was also thinkin'... Boy how much STUFF do 10 people need.   I don't see myself as a clutter-bug...pack rat... I am always ridding my house of stuff.... Actually, to much stuff makes me hyper-ventilate.  I've been having a bit of moving anxiety lately.   I get these waves of panic.  Thank God they don't last long.   Oh...and please don't worry about me... I am not depressed or having panic attacks.  :) but you can pray though I think it's a mixture of the normal moving blues mixed with hormones of an almost 40 year old.   Gosh... can you believe I'm turning 40 in December?   WOW