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My heart is sad...

Last night a local family in our small town lost 5 of their children to a house fire.  This was just down the road from where we are currently living.  My heart totally aches for this family.  I don't know much about them other than what I have heard from the new reports.  I am assuming she was a single mother because there was no mention of a father in the home.  I think it said she was staying with her mother (the children's grandmother) and her younger sister (the children's aunt--a 21 yr. old)

My husband was driving home from work late last night when he saw police cars speeding by.  All he could do was pray not knowing there was a family being lost to a fire that very moment.   We didn't find out what happened until this morning. 

From what I read was that they think the space heater caused the fire.  The home was an older wood-framed house probably without central heating.  The mother and grandmother were in their bedrooms and escaped through their bedroom windows since they were not able to go through the living room (whole place was ablazed).  They began screaming for help and that their babies were in the house still.  This brought the neighbors outside and they all began to help.  The house was engulfed in flames.  The 21 yr.old aunt of the children was pulled out by a neighbor and is alive but has suffered severe burns.  The firefighters pulled the two little girls out (6 and 12 year old) but they died at the hospital.  The boys, ages 8, 13 and 15 were not able to be rescued alive....they died in the fire.

Please keep this family in your prayers.  This woman lost all of her children last night in that horrible fire.  I cannot even imagine being that mother and having lost ALL of your children.  How horrible and so very sad.  I know only the Father can heal the deep hurt and pain this family will and is faced with.

So, I am sharing with you all today to remember how precious life is and how so precious our loved ones are, especially our little ones.  Be thankful for your kids, hug them, kiss them, love them and to be thankful you and they are alive and well today.  My prayers of protection go out to all of you.

Also please lift this family up in your prayers.  They are the Jordan family...The mother is named Krista.

They need a touch from God today and for the many weeks, months, and years to follow!!


Anonymous said…
How sad, I am crying for them. I will pray.

Unknown said…
This is horrible. How very sad. My heart breaks for them. I will keep them in my prayers.
That's so sad...I don't think it would be humanly possible to deal with that tragedy! The grief must be overwhelming.`
Amanda said…
That is so, so tragic, sad and devastating Chris. Oh my, who can imagine such pain, as this mother, grandmother, aunt must feel.
momto9 said…
how terrible! I'll keep them in my prayers.
kathy said…
I'm praying. It's just devastating :(
Mikki said…
This was on our news too. Sooo sad. And like you said.. life is so precious.

They are in our prayers..

Beautiful post!!
This is literally a mother's worst nightmare.

My husband has had to go on a fire exactly like this one before I met him. A family lost five children while the mother wasn't home. He had to search and recover the bodies. He still has a hard time with it and just thanks God that he didn't have children at that time. He knows it would have deeply affected him. So not only pray for the Jordan family, but also the rescue workers who had to recover the bodies. Sometimes these guys simply "lose it" for awhile, especially if they have kids around the same age.

He even took me once to visit the mass grave where they were all buried together. He has never taken me to any other grave before. I think it still affects him.

Please, please, do not use the old fashioned space heaters! Also, if you do use space heaters (the safer kind) make sure they are away from ANYTHING and up high where children can't know them down like on top of a wooden dresser with nothing around it. Steve has gone on so many fires started by these things. Fires where people have died!

Oh, this is a horrific trajedy. I will be praying for all who are involved. Thank you for letting us know.

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