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A Quick Check in...

  So have you thought about me lately?  Well if so, just don't forget to pray.  I could always...ALWAYS use prayer. I've been busy about my Father's business.  Yep...just keeping busy doing what brings delight to the Lord....and that is making sure I care for my family wholeheartedly.  Sooooo.......I thought I would share my day with you all.  Oh and please don't think that I must be superwoman for waking up so early....God's grace...believe me.  Not to long ago (about a December) I was waking up at around 9am...struggling to keep up.  But God's grace is amazing and this is why I have the strength and determination to keep going.  Plus, it's good to talk to people who are like minded and keep you motivated.  You know? here it goes: 4:45  I wake, take a potty break, play some worship music and pray till about 5:30. 5:30  I check emails and do a bit of web surfing but not nearly enough time to visit all my bloggy friends and blog.  I usually