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It's My Birthday Anyway!!

It's my 45th birthday today. Here's what I did... Awoke at 6:30 Started the oatmeal Started the coffee.  Woke up the kids.  Several times....more than three Received 9 birthday greetings some kisses, some hugs, some quick  "happy birthday mom..I should have planned something"'s like that sometimes I know they love me! made some lunches for the 4 youngest one of the older ones says "can you make mine...?" couldn't find baby girl's sneakers...what's new're wearing your glittery dress shoes for PE The older girl drives them to school because it's Senior long lunch and needs the van bonus for need to rush out this morning.  Sat on the couch took a deep breath sipped on my Cafe con Leche from my favorite Latin restaurant Donnie brought it home this morning.... love turned on the tv watched a few minutes of Good Morning A