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Learning By Immersion: The Deschooling Process

For months I've been telling myself I need to start writing again. I always have a gazillion blog titles floating in my brilliant mind.   But...unfortunately... I always seem to make the excuse of... "Yeah....I don't have the time."  Ah-ha!  Another post topic for another time ..." Time and What we Value"  Ok so what was I saying?... Oh yes...I'll have to make that time!   And that's what I am going to start doing again.   Making that time to share. Now for the Topic of this post:  Deschooling So our Deschooling process began the last day of "regular" school back in the beginning of June.  Actually it probably started earlier, in my mind and heart. I've been mentally deschooling on a constant basis.  Long walks...Deep thoughts. According to Wiki...Deschooling is  "Philosophically, it refers to the belief that  schools  and other learning institutions are incapable of providing the be

Learning by Immersion: Why we're Homeschooling Again!

We are back to learning at home again.   Back to the place where I thought my kids could never get a "great education". Well....not so! Come to find out if I allow them freedom, this place is the best place for them to learn. This is the very place my kids always find comfort and peace HOME I gotta admit..I do not regret placing the kids in a traditional school for the last 3 years (4 years for Moriah).    Gosh darn it...I needed a stinkin' break!   I was close to a break down!  I was the picture of the burnt-out homeschooling mom who felt unsure of what the heck she was doing. Always frazzled.  Jumping from curriculum to curriculum.  Playing the comparison game with other "better" homeschooling families.  Barf!!   I spiraled into a vicious cycle of insecurities, fears, and out right self loathing of what I was doing for my kids and family.   I know I sound like a total basket case.  So was a goo