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My "Not So Crappy" Life...

Please oh please bear with me. 
there might be a few typos.  
no caps and maybe some punctuation missing.  
but bear with me.  
 I just feel a little....

i don't know...

just a little blah?
you get my drift?  
if you've never been there before...then you're friggin perfect!


another sigh.

Here I am...sitting at my computer....
drinking a glass of cabernet...
the late afternoon sun
casts a shadow on my wall

from my view it looks so a door leading to a place that's filled with wonder...

a place where no stress.

the door to a peaceful place, 
where only i can escape to.

"Ok...lady...wake up...  get down to what's really going on!!"


nothing really. 

But not gonna write anything of "value" really.'s one of those days...some week.  

i kinda, sorta...get hormonal at times...

geez...I am 45...almost 46!! 



I can't believe it!  

I'm feeling like i'm 50 this week.  

(sip of wine...hmmm)

ok...where was I?

Oh yes...sometimes life is crappy.  But then not really.'s not to bad.  It's all how I look at.  

On this I type this...

I'm looking at this day like it's crappy. 

kids complaining....saying they're bored...

kids making plans and i am not being that
"yes" mom

not Ms. Frizzle taking the kids on her magic school bus...


but you know?...
its just life...I guess...
crappy or's all rather good. 

So what am I complaining about?  
I don't know now.  


you know what???

It's good sometimes...
to just type my thoughts...

It brings things back into perspective.  

My life is not so crappy after all!!


Today is a new day! 


momto9 said…
Ha exactly!! I'm having the same type of day. And its ok!!!!
Cinnamon said…
Loved your post. Just living and thinking. Not so bad to do every so often :-)

p.s. My blog is private now but if you'd like to be added (which I'd love) then just email me at

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