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Traveling Tuttles: Our Campaign as you read last time, we are planning on leaving around March 15, 2017.  eek!! Yeah, that's when our lease ends. We've actually been renting for quite sometime.  We were once home owners:  Had a little house that was about 900 square feet, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, purchased in 1999...     "They say two thousand zero, zero, party over, Oops, out of time! So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999! 1999!" Oops...Sorry , the Prince song came into my head .  Sold the little house in 2004.  S pe akin g of 1999 . .. Hey do you all remember Y2K? Geez...I feel like it's Y2K right now with this ridiculous election.   (sigh) Anyway...not going there at all.  O k..where were we ?   We bought a "big house" back in 2004. Our cookie cutter house was about 2,300 square feet, 3 bedrooms, a bonus room and 2 bathrooms.  Remember how in 2004, home purchasing was actually a good thing?  Lower interest, etc. etc.  hmmm...simi

Traveling Tuttles: Come Away...Home Away

Come away with me in the night Come away with me And I will write you a song Come away with me on a bus...   Come Away with Me ...Norah Jones  Do you ever find yourself singing a song because certain words come into your thoughts? happens to me all the time.  I found myself singing the Norah Jones Come Away With Me song since I've been thinking of traveling as a lifestyle.  We've been RV "shopping" every weekend since returning from our trip last month.  We've been doing this so we don't lose focus on our goal.  It's our way of being "visionaries for real".   In our search we found a motor coach that can possibly fit us comfortably.  It looks very nice inside.  Cozy...comfy...and the whole nine yards!    Yep...I totally got the vision of us traveling from state to state....RV park to RV park with our van in tow. could work.  But then the thought of the day to day life became a tad more clear. Hm