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Stop the Rush

Since returning to blogging, I'm finding some drafts lost in the archives of this ole' blog.  It's interesting to read and think about the day, time, year....when I wrote this specific post. What was I feeling? What was I thinking?

This specific post was drafted on March of 2016...Ana was around 7 years old. That was almost 5 years ago! This sweet little girl turned 12 last week.    

As I read through the post, I remember that feeling of "rushing", a lot of it was in my mind but I also was to school, boys doing some sort of sport, Ana was taking dance, helping kids with homework, no need to go on.  You get my point. 

This was 5 years ago!  This was a year before we left our town Gainesville, Florida to explore the United States and Mexico.  A lot has changed since then and looking forward to catching you all up on everything. So here we go...

Most of the time I find myself barely living in the moment. 

That's if I don't purposely try to live in the moment.

I know the phrase "live in the moment" gets thrown around a lot like: Breathe and live in the moment; Stop and live in the moment; Stand still and live in the moment.

Well today I'm telling myself stop the rush and just "live in the moment".

Why the heck is it so hard to do just that? Just for the moment - to stop and breathe and live in the moment. 

Life always seems so rushed. 

When we as moms rush around getting things done, we can easily lose those important moments of life staring you right in the face. I admit, I do stop and take in the moment but usually lasts a few minutes. Before long, my mom brain quickly rushes to my To Do list, my future, my finances, or how I can get from point A to point B (the plans)
Throw in the thought of "what do I make for dinner?" Or How can I make my kids less bored or happier. 

How can I be a better mom? Why is my house always a mess? 
And on and on and on..... 

All of this goes through my mind as I'm sitting at a park watching my kids play or sitting at the beach watching my kids chase the seagulls. 

I literally drive my inner self into a frenzy and feel like life is just rushing by.

One thing: SLOW DOWN! I refuse to live in a state of rush!

Last night I was bathing my seven year old and thought "Why can't she just shower herself?" Then I sternly say..."Ok Ana, we need to make this quick. I don't have any time to waste." 

Then I hear it. Not in my ears but in my heart. 

The still small voice in my spirit saying:  "Stop rushing. One day she won't need you and she'll be showering without your help. I tried to quiet my anxious self down by paying attention to her: Her hair, her skin, her smile. One thing I noticed was that I immediately felt happier and less snappy. I wonder why I think showering my little girl is a waste of my time? The truth is that before long she'll be a teen and will not need my help. 

I told myself: "I'm not wasting my time this is my life caring for my children and family. Stop feeling so rushed."

After the showering session my little Ana says with a big smile on her face. "When I'm a teenager I'm going to shower all by myself! " 

And I told her " sure will. You sure will."

After her shower, I slowed down, taking time to blow dry her hair just like she likes it. Trim her bangs just as she begged for me to do saying they were growing into her eyes. 

My goal is to stop rushing and live in the moment. I know that can be hard for a busy mom. 

Remember to breathe and know that each moment is precious. And before long they'll be grown up. 

Back to 2021 - And yes...this little girl is taller than me now and very independent.  


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