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My oldest son---The Teenage Years Just Around the Corner

This is Justin my 12 yr old. It is unimaginable to think I was holding this little (not so little anymore) bundle in my arms 12 yrs
ago. Time seems to fly when you have children.
They grow up right before your eyes and before you know it, they have left the nest.

Justin is the clown of the family. Takes after his daddy 100%. I couldn't find a serious picture other than the one with the blue background. The one of him jumping in the fish mouth is alot like his personality. There is a soft side to this young man. He loves his brothers and sisters. Anytime he gets a chance, he wants to play and entertain the whole bunch. He is not the type to hide in his room, so his brothers and sisters don't bother him. He loves quality time with any one who will spend time with him. He loves to hang out and have a good time.

The teenage years are around the corner for Justin. He will turn 13 in June. Wow! The world says "Look out for those teenage years." But I say "Bring them on." Talking to your teens and giving them your time is important to them. They want you to understand what is going on in their lives. Just like the toddler years; the teen years are critical. When you thought your child training years were over, look out the teen training years are now beginning. You are now training them to impact this world and to become who God has created them to be. Pushing them away is the last thing us parents should do. Making special time for them is very important.

Communication is the key to all healthy relationships. Learning about each other is important for a relationship to be successful. We don't want our teenagers to choose their friends, we want our teens to choose us. So many in today's society, are going to their friends for that understanding. Why ---"My parents don't understand." This is the common phrase, out of many teens mouths. In relation to God---God wants us to come to him with all our problems. He wants us to share our fears, our hurts, our burdens. Some of us can be quick to run to our friends for this comfort, but God wants us to run to him. God is always there to hear us out. He NEVER pushes us away. He has the time for all his children (and He has many).

So how as parents, can we use the LORD as an example. Always be there to listen. Never push them away. Make time for them all. I have asked parents who have grown children, who are still walking strong in the LORD, how they raised great teens. These parents said --- communication is the key. Talk to your teens. Then they won't run.

Am I looking forward to the teen years. YES! I look forward to building a stronger realtionship with my future teens.



Unknown said…
Justin reminds me of Jamie...he's always goofing around, too. Most of the pics I have of him are funny ones. He spent the evening playing games with Dan.

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