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Just Filling you In

I t feels like forever since I have posted. I am 9 weeks pregnant and feeling it. I have been feeling under the weather. Yes, the nausea is still there and the sleepiness is there. I am not complaining though---I am rejoicing in the new life being in my womb. A precious bundle or two. TWO---just wishful thinking. No, I am not insane for wanting twins. Twins would be a double blessing! Children are beautiful in everyway. Who wouldn't want the many pitter-patter of little feet; The crying---waking you up at night;--I count it all joy. Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience. To know that a baby is being knit in my womb is remarkable. To think this child is being knit by God Himself is another awe in itself. The miracle of life is amazing. Yes, life is a miracle. To enjoy every moment of this miracle is wonderful. I can't wait to feel the baby moving and kicking me. I have already bonded with this little one. I think of him or her each day. I am filled with ex

Starting to Feel Pregnant!!

I am starting to feel pregnant. What does this mean---well for some of you pregnant and formerly pregnant moms know what I mean---Nauseated all day, sleepy and moody. Yes all the lovely symptoms of a blessing being knit in my womb. But I can't complain--I need to REJOICE in the life that is within me---The life the Lord has created. What can I do during this time to feel better--- I need to drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and exercise. These are critical things I need to do to prepare my body for the Big Day in September--- The day I will experience the most intense workout in my life. I need to train my body for this event. Have I started?--Not exactly. For now I am just thinking about what I will do. Ha ha ha. But above all the natural ways of caring for my body, I need to care for my spiritual body--- Feeding myself with the Word and praying and rejoicing in His goodness. Then I can have the strength to act upon the physical. My prayer is to be fit spiri