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Enough with the Excuses!!!

I just read a post from the author of Managers of Their Homes , Teri Maxwell. I think she had a powerful and encouraging message to moms who struggle to wake up in the morning. I titled this post "Enough with the excuses" because I seem to make many excuses as to why I need to sleep in just a little bit longer. Lo and behold, what seems to happen is this "little bit" turns into later than I ever intended. Which then I have no time for God, which then makes my day seem so overwhelming with so many tasks left undone and may I add my attitude towards my family "STINKS". I hope you are encouraged to stop making excuses and make a change. Blessings!! From Night Owl to Morning Lark Regularly I am asked questions that revolve around the struggle a mom has to get up in the morning at the time she both needs and wants to arise. This appears to be a common problem for sta