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Just checking in!

I haven't been posting lately because my computer had been down. Now we have it back again but lost the AC adapter. I've been using my hubby's computer. I don't get to use it much during the week. I have some time now so decided to fill you in on what is going on in our home.

Well, we finally decided to get rid of our televisions. I had one of those inspiring yet hectic days and decided to unplug the televisions. I got rid of my little one in my bedroom. Our main television is still in the family room but we have not turned it on at all. We might just move it into the garage and bring it out when our family feels like watching a movie together.

How has it been thus far with no t.v.? There have been some good days and not so good days. My toddlers are not asking anymore to watch t.v. I guess this is a good thing that they have forgotten there is not t.v. My teenager (he just turned 13 the other day) had a few bad days of withdrawal from playing his Game station. He did complain ... "what am I going to do now!?". I did allow him to complain and just encouraged him to find other things to do. I also told him the good things of having no t.v.---More communication with his siblings.

I have noticed that I had swept alot of "character issues" under the carpet when the t.v. was on. With the noise in the background I wasn't as aware about the bickering or I would just turn the t.v. on when they started to bicker. Yes, I confess... I was using the television as a babysitter...especially when I wanted some peace and quiet---Not little ones yelling and jumping around.

I am truly thankful for the grace of God to walk this out thus far. I have had bad days so far where the t.v. would have been a great tool. But during these hectic times I have been leaning on the Lord with all my heart. Asking Him to help me minister to my children to teach them the right things.

It has been nice not having the distraction of television. Since the computer has been down, I also have found that it was also a distraction on my part. My focus has now been more on the LORD and the children during the day. I needed this. My mind sure feels clear now.

My pregnancy is going well. I am 26 weeks and feeling the baby moving....alot. We don't know what we are having. Hubby thinks it might be another boy. I am telling myself that it is probably another boy. I would like a girl. If this baby happens to be a girl then it will be an even greater surprise. It really doesn't matter what we have. God knows what is best for this family.

Blessings and hope to keep you all posted sooner than later.


Beth said…
so you still going with out TV?
I use our so much for schooling and I love watching movie but we do not do television shows.
Let me know how you are doing.

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