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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommys out there. The ones with one child all the way to the ones with many, many children.

Yes, Michelle Duggar is expecting again. This will be their 18th child. Wow. She is a huge example of what a mother is suppose to be. Their children seem very joyful and happy. The love of Christ speaks loudly in their lives.

Does everyone need to be a mother of 18 to be a great mother? No, of course not. Having the love of Christ is the only way any mother can be successful. It is really sad to see some mothers struggling with their one or two children. Why is this? Probably because the lies of this society have consumed their minds as to why they need to complain and gripe about their blessings. Here are the lies they have believed:

1. Have one or two children because it is to expensive to have more.

2. Children ruin your body.

3. How can you enjoy life when you have many children.

4. I want to enjoy my latter years (vacation, cruises, etc...)

5. This world is evil, why bring more children into this world.

6 Selfish people have many children.

7. There is no time to raise that many children.

8. Having many children is an addiction.

9. To much work.

10. I can't afford to send them all to college.

How can some people say that having many children is selfish or it is an addiction. I believe it is the most unselfish thing you could ever do. Aborting babies for the sake of fulfilling your own lives is SELFISH. Being a godly mother is not selfish and let alone an addiction.

Most all women have a mothering spirit that the Lord Himself has created them to have. If they don't mother children they will mother a pet or something else. The desire to have a baby comes only from the Lord, the creator of life. Women have a desire to be mothers. There is no other explanantion.

Being a mother is such a wonderful gift from the Lord. What an awesome privilege we have to bear children and raise a quiver full of children for His glory and purpose.

Having many children is having a vision for the future of mankind--Having a vision for the next generation. Yes, this is an evil world so why not fill it with Righteous people who love the Lord and will make this world a better place.

Happy Mother's Day


Anonymous said…

Love it.

Dana L.

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