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False Alarm--Ugh!!! Update #6

EVERYTHING JUST STOPPED!!!  :O How frustrating!!!  We were so close to leaving and then NOTHING!!  So I never went to the hospital this morning.  I am going to my appointment this afternoon at 2:30 PM and then we'll se what is going on.  I am telling you...this little girl is playing with me now.  LOL..I'll keep you posted!! Till then Chris

I am planning on going to hospital this Morning--Update #5

I did say I would send out a post if anything started taking place before my appointment.  Well.....I've been having stronger contractions every 10-15 minutes.  They feel very strong.  I know in the past my contractions start like this and in a blink of an eye can move to every 3-5 minutes of intense contractions and delivery within an hour.  I want to play it safe and have the nurses check how I am progressing.  I won't be waiting till my appointment this afternoon.  I have a feeling I might have her by 6PM tonight.   I have been feeling VERY emotional and annoyed about every little thing.  Sign that I am in labor.  Look out when I feel like this.  I can't think straight.  Please be praying for my emotions today and stable hormones.  Thank you so much....I need it.  If by some reason they don't admit me and I come home with so called "false labor"  LOL ;D  I will fill you in on the details.  Even if I have to sit in the Lobby!!! ;D Till then.... Chris

Just Waitin'---Update #4

Just as the title says --  I am still waiting!!!  LOL :D I had a spurt of energy yesterday, so I took advantage of it.   I still didn't get all my projects accomplished,  since I had have many interruptions throughout the day from changing diapers, and chasing my 15 month old around.  He gets into every little thing now, especially pointy pens and pencils.  Then I have to take my 3 yr old to the bathroom because he refuses to walk in there on his own.  I have to assist with any homeschooling problems at the same time stopping arguments on who is holding the cat or why did so and so "look at me like that!!"  Yep, normal day for me.  ;D  I am sure lots of you can relate to this kind of day.  Joyful Bliss!! I didn't get much sleep last night.  I tossed and turned, and turned and tossed.  I was so hot because of the humidity in the air and couldn't settle in.  When morning was nearing and it was time for me to get up, the air was cooler and I finally wanted to sleep

Just chillin'--Update #3

I wasn't going to leave an update today because there isn't much to update you on since yesterday. Actually, the contractions are not coming at all.  I still do get the Braxton Hicks contractions but not the working ones much.  They come sometimes throughout the day but not at all like the first night of early labor signs.  As far as it looks and feels, no baby coming anytime soon.  Unless my water brakes.  I've had this happen one time before and that was with my last baby (#7-Ephraim). I am carrying her so low.  I have plenty of room to breath but she is so low in my womb that I wouldn't be surprised if my water broke.  We'll see!!!  You just never know.  You can't judge how things will go by the other pregnancies.  Every pregnancy is soooo different.  I have learned this with each one of mine.   ( This is the mood I am in today....Just Chillin') For today, I am continuing to do some nesting and carrying for my other babies in the house. Trying not to f

Labor??? -- Update #2

Not much excitement happened yesterday, other than taking some maternity pictures that I have been wanting to have done for years now.  I was a bit disappointed when I started showing Labor signs before our scheduled photo shoot which was going to take place this coming Wednesday.  I was so GLAD we were able to push it to Monday morning.  My good friend did such an awesome job on the pictures.  She definitely has talent. I was having some contractions while she was snapping away.  :D ( Check out the cute little baby cowboy boots--so adorable) By evening time last night nothing was happening.  Maybe a few small contractions here and there, but nothing really consistent.  Last night, I didn't sleep well, not because of any intense contractions but because I wanted them to start and my mind was so focused on this happening.  I shouldn't of done that.  I just have to chill and let it all happen in its own good timing.  So, all I have to report today is that I think my body is ta

I think I'm in Labor!!!!!--Update

I didn't have the baby last night.  Basically, contractions ease off during the day.  By evening time last night they didn't come at all.  I was a little bummed out and a bit frustrated and had to get my mind off the whole thing.  It was hard doing that.  When you get excited about something happening (especially delivery) and it doesn't happen, well you feel very disappointed.  I had some "10 min apart" contractions mid morning.  They started around 3:30 AM and came every 8 to 10 minutes until about 6:30 this morning.  They were a bit painful so they would wake me up every 10 minutes.   I was able to sort of ignore the process, time them bit, and still sleep some.  I feel more rested today.   As of right now (it is about 8:30 AM), I feel really achy because of my cervix changing and preparing for birth.  The contractions have stopped.  I will most likely have some throughout the day.  I will continue to send updates daily of this journey.   PS: I finally have

I think I'm in Labor!!!!!

Yep, you read right.  I am showing signs of labor.  I have never been this early.  I will officially be 37 weeks tomorrow.  I am not mentally ready to have this baby, but what can you do when your body is showing signs of early labor.  Last night I was having some loose bowels and I lost my mucus plug.  With my previous pregnancies this has meant that I will be having the baby within a few days to a weeks time.  Last night, around 3 am true "cervix type" contractions were coming every 5 to 7 minutes and became stronger as the morning approached.  I am very tired and have not slept since 3 AM.  Around 5 PM, I started to have some spotting.  I am still having some of this bleeding.  I have never had this before, so this is all new for me.  I debated calling the hospital to check on what they might think I should do.  I haven't called them yet.  I am going to hang low and see if these contractions start changing.  It is about 8:45 AM and they seem to have spread out in tim

The First Lady's Secret Service Agent

This is a picture of our awesome family dog "Buddy".   He is about 6 yrs old and is mostly poodle, but we think he might have some Terrier or some other breed in him.   All we know is that he is a great dog.  He is one of the children.  I guess this makes it 9 children. LOL ;) The past few weeks he has been acting so strange.  He follows me everywhere I go.  When I leave the house to run errands he wants to ride with us.  He has been very protective.  I remember he did this with my previous pregnancies when I was close to delivery.  I remember my midwife saying that animals can "sense" those hormones pregnant women radiate when nearing birth.   Here are some of the things he does: Follows me everywhere Paces the hallway at night Barks when he hears noises (he normally is quiet). Sits there and stares at me Goes under my bed and starts doing some pretend digging and then comes out looks at me and goes under the bassinet.  Then he repeats the whole process over ag

36 Week Update

I don't know if some of you know,  this will be my 4th hospital delivery.  My last one was about 9 years ago with my last daughter Tsavah.  The last 4 deliveries have been home births.  They were excellent and I loved the whole natural home birthing experience.  You are probably wondering how come I am going back to the hospital this time?  I felt more peace in my heart going to the hospital this time.   After the baby is born, I will post my thoughts and experiences on the pros and cons of a hospital birth vs. a home birth.  I am very excited about doing something different this time around.  I am even "planning" an epidural this time.  WHAT??!!?? Some of you natural birth moms are wondering what am I thinking!  I am going totally 180 degrees of what I have done in the past, minus the planned induction (which I wouldn't get unless I absolutely had too.)  I will discuss this topic later. :) Now back to the update!!!  My Doctor is a youngish mom (She looks like maybe

Potty Training Accomplishment

Just a quick update on Kole Freedom, my 3 yr old who had the "poopy in the potty" issues.  Well, we have reached VICTORY!!! Shortly after his third birthday we conquered the big feat.  My very patient and consistent husband took our little boy into the bathroom and sat with him for over an hour so he could do his business.  I, personally, had to battle the temptatio n to not interrupt the process.  I wanted to run into the bathroom when I would hear Kole screaming and cryi ng because he didn't want to go.  I wanted to stop my husband and say "let's just give him the diaper!" or "he'll fig ure it out one day soon."  Nope!!  I had to resist this temptation and pray, pray, pray for me and for Kole.  My husband just sat with him and read him books.  Finally, there was victory and he went!!  Yay!!  Now, it wasn't defeated that first night.  My patient husband had to repeat this for the next few nights.  It became less and less of a struggle eac

Helpful Children in the time of Need

Ok, this is the last stretch of this 8th pregnancy.  This morning when I awoke, I felt so much pain getting up.  It takes about 5 minutes to just sloooowwwwwllly position myself in just the right way to roll out of bed and walk slooowwwlllyy to the bathroom.  Yes, it is really hurting.  But....I think I can make it till birth time.  Do I stay this way all day.  NO!!  Thank God.  As soon as I am up and my joints and ligaments are warmed up, I can function and move fine.  I am still waddling around the house and getting slower chasing my 15 month old around, running to the bathroom with my 3 yr old.  He likes it when I stand and wait for him as he does his business.  The rest of the children are self managed--thank God.   I am truly thankful for them during this time.  I am a picky person when it comes to "how" chores are done and I have "let go" some and just let them do it.  Yesterday, I was tending to one of my little guys who was in need of mommy all day.  The ho

Girls Manicure

Today was such a fun and special day for my girls, Moriah and Tsavah.  They had a manicure!!  It was Moriah's first time getting one.  Tsavah had one  a few years ago with her little friend Abby.  Tsavah must have been only 6 yrs. old.   My good friend blessed my girls this Christmas with gift certificates to get this special treatment.  That was such a blessing to receive from her.  The girls were just blown away by the gift.  Every day since they have been asking to go and get their nails done.  I finally said "Ok, why not!"  Are you wondering if I joined them.  No, not this time.  I actually enjoyed just watching them get it done.  I also took the pictures.  I loved every moment!!  I had a big smile on my face watching my two beautiful daughters.  They are such a joy in my life!!        ( Tsavah 9yrs old)                    (Moriah 11yrs. old) They both decided to get matching French Manicures.  Honestly, I thought their nails were to short but those Oriental women

A "somewhat" rough week for us

Well, what should I blog about today...?????   Ummmm???  Oh yes, my somewhat rough week.  Right before New Year's my children developed the croup cough-- the nasty barking cough that just hurts your insides when you hear it coming out of the little ones.  Uhh, I just cringe to hear it.  There is nothing you can really do for it, other than natural remedies (humidifier, etc...)   When I think that they are all out of it, another one gets it.  Yep, that's what happens with a large family...It just takes awhile for the symptoms to leave the house.  In the midst of all the coughing, I have been in serious prayer declaring the healing of God on all my babies.  What else can you do but rest in the peace of God's love and covering is upon my babies.  And to know that yes, this will soon pass.   The other night, my 4th born Shiloh who is almost 7, woke up at 1:30 AM with a piercing ear ache,  as my husband stumbled to open our bedroom door, I  rolled over in bed (ouch) and remem

Happy 3rd Birthday Kole Freedom

  My 6th born,  Kole Freedom is 3 years old today.  He is such a cute little boy.  We are going through some potty training challenges currently.  He won't go number two in the potty.  So this has been a bit of a hair pulling experience, but not my first.  I had a few other children that gave me a challenge in this area.  All I know is that he won't be in diapers for poopy or resist it all together forever.  He will grow out of this stage as well.  Some tidbits of info about his "birth" day.  He was born on January 5 t h , 2006 at around midnight.  He was 5 days late--my latest baby.  He was suppose to be due on New Year's Eve 2005, but I never come on my due date.  The labor I had with him was very inconsistent and I didn't even know if I was going to have him on this day,  until about 2 hours before birth time.  Contractions were all over the place:  up and down, round and round :)  At around 10:00 pm or so I felt my contractions change and we called the

About 6 weeks to go till baby arrives!!

You better believe I am counting down the days till delivery!  I am getting so excited about meeting our new daughter.  Wow, another little girl in the house.  I wonder what she'll look like and how big she'll be.  My other girls were 7 lbs 6 oz, and 7 lbs 3 oz.  My boys with the exception of my first boy (6 lbs 10 oz--born two weeks early), were all in the the 8 lb range.  With the biggest being Kole, weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs 12 oz.  I would be fine with any weight.  Well, maybe not in the 9 lbs range.   I do feel her growing everyday inside me.  I am starting to get a lot of the pelvic, pubic bone pains and it feels like she is hanging low in my womb.  There are days when I feel her way down low like she is about to jump out.  So, yes, my walking and the ability to do lots of housework and such has decreased.  Have I been complaining?  Yes, I admit I have..  Especially in the middle of the night when I have to sloooowwwwllly get out of bed and slowwwwwwllllly walk to