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Just Waitin'---Update #4

Just as the title says --  I am still waiting!!!  LOL :D

I had a spurt of energy yesterday, so I took advantage of it.   I still didn't get all my projects accomplished,  since I had have many interruptions throughout the day from changing diapers, and chasing my 15 month old around.  He gets into every little thing now, especially pointy pens and pencils.  Then I have to take my 3 yr old to the bathroom because he refuses to walk in there on his own.  I have to assist with any homeschooling problems at the same time stopping arguments on who is holding the cat or why did so and so "look at me like that!!"  Yep, normal day for me.  ;D  I am sure lots of you can relate to this kind of day.  Joyful Bliss!!

I didn't get much sleep last night.  I tossed and turned, and turned and tossed.  I was so hot because of the humidity in the air and couldn't settle in.  When morning was nearing and it was time for me to get up, the air was cooler and I finally wanted to sleep.  I had a bit of a catnap and woke up later than I intended.  Didn't get my alone time with the Lord, which I desperately need today.  It's OK he always meets me where I am... God is Awesome!! 

I did have some strong contractions last night, but again, nothing to run to the hospital for.  Maybe that is why I couldn't settle in last night.  Hmmmmm.  Without giving T.M.I. (to much info), I thought my water had broken.  You should of seen me jump out of bed (usually it takes a few minutes to get up and walk to the bathroom)---I leapt and basically ran to the bathroom. Well, false alarm, you can imagine!! ;D Pretty funny.  

Tomorrow's update won't come till after my Doc's appointment.  Probably around 5:00 PM eastern time.   Check back tomorrow evening for the latest on what the Doctor has said.  Can't wait to fill you all in.   Oh, if anything happens before then, I will send a post immediately.  Have a great and blessed day today.  



Sara L said…
I think I am stalking your blog now....:)

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