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Happy 35th Birthday to my Honey

Today is a special day---my husband; my love; My Honey's birthday. Believe it or not....I am older than him by 3 1/2 years. Happy Birthday Honey. H e r e i s a s l i d e s h o w I c r e a t e d f o r y o u!!! Love you!! (The title above this slideshow is suppose to say "Baby" not "bat"--LOL) Make a Smilebox slideshow

Memorial Day, Yard (not Yark) work, and my busy week.

My little chicks worked very hard yesterday for Memorial Day. No barbeque , no trips to the beach, no sitting pool babies worked hard yesterday. :) So I had to brag on their hard work done. And what did I do? I deep cleaned my bathrooms....yeah, they looked pretty disgusting. This is what happens when time is filled with me out of the house. I've been so busy with dental and chiropractic appointments, that when I am pulled away from home, it eats up my time. No wonder I've been feeling so behind and unorganized...hmmmm. I am hoping I can start catching up some. I still have a couple of appointments this week....I have to go back to the dentist today to get my crown checked on and Shiloh has a football game tonight (he is in the Play offs for flag football--how cute is that?). I have to get adjusted at the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon and have to grocery shop for the week. And on Thursday, I have my usual outing-- taking Moriah to Piano practice

Moriah's Piano Recital

(Moriah looks beautiful) (Moriah plays, as her piano teacher looks on) (Daddy and Moriah) This past Sunday, Moriah performed in her first Piano Recital. She played three different songs. She did wonderfully. Moriah is my piano master! She loves to play. I never have to fuss to get her to practice her books. She is always on the piano. Moriah is one of the top students in her class. We had so much fun preparing for this recital: We went out and bought her a nice dress and shoes to match; I did her hair in curls, painted her fingernails and toes to match her dress; And yes she got to wear a little bit of makeup too. She looked beautiful and you could tell she felt very special. I, for some reason was a nervous wreck (in a small way). I just wanted everything to work out just right for her. I was also thinking that if I am feeling this way with a piano recital, how will I be with her wedding. Sheesh...I better calm down a bit. LOL. Anyhow, this week has been busy

My Wonderful Mother's Day

(The cake Moriah made me--yummy) (Look we match!!) I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! It all started Saturday night when my wonderful hubby took me out to the Botanical Gardens for a Moonlight walk. The gardens had a special event going on with a concert and candle lit trails. It was wonderful! The moon was full and the gardens smelled splendid. We couldn't really see much on the trail, but the flowery smell was wonderful. While we listened to the concert we shared a glass of Chardonay. Then later shared a strawberry milkshake. When we came back home that evening, the kids were all tucked in bed and my house was clean, along with all my laundry folded. The following morning I slept in and woke up to kisses from all my babies and cards with words of love. My oldest daughter Moriah had baked me a cake (pictured above) while we were on our date. My oldest son cooked me an omelet for breakfast and my hubby bought me Barnie's Coffee. Then later that afternoo

Our weekends and more schedule type stuff!!

Our weekends have been a bit busy with flag football this season. The games are on Saturday, either in the morning or at noon with the hot Florida sun is beating down. I always enjoy my time at the games because I also get to chat away with my friend who's son is on the team as well. I've got to admit....I think I talk more than watch the game!! LOL We are having so much fun cheering Shiloh on. He has enjoyed playing. He is one focused little boy. :) This past Saturday he pulled 3 flags and our team won the game!! Yeah, Shiloh!!! Now for a bit of schedule talk....Why are Mondays so tough. It seems like my Monday's are filled with things I have to catch up on. I have realized that I have to really watch every minute of my time. There is no wasting time. If I waste time on things not planned, then it comes back to bite me. I actually have to plan my days to the minute. Even on weekends. I remember those days of spontaneity; I can't afford time to do