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Galen, My 5th Born is 5 Today!!!

Happy Birthday Galen Benaiah Galen is such a great little guy. He is very sweet and has a calm nature about him. He is very smart, and has an eye for detail and follows directions very well. I remember when I taught him how to change the bathroom trash, he made sure he did it "exactly" how I showed him. To this day, he still does it just right. He is also in charge of organizing the shoe closet in our house, which gets VERY MESSY, real quick!! He organizes the shoe closet "exactly" how I taught him. I love teaching him his school work. He catches on so well, and again...does it "exactly" how I have taught him. Here are a few recent funnies he said after having the newest baby: When I was changing his baby sister's diaper one day he asked these questions: With a surprised look on his face and a surprised sounding voice says... "Oh, oh, oh, mommy...where is her p*n*s (I didn't spell out the word to protect from google searches a

A Justin Post--Happy Birthday and Birth Story

(Justin hanging at the pool) (Look out behind you!!) (Like father, like son) (Showing off his Hulk muscles) (And of course...can't resist his favorite drink of all times) My oldest son Justin turned 15 this past week. The day after coming home from our week long vacation. We were so very tired that day. I felt like we didn't do much at all. I don't think I took one picture of him or I didn't even make him a cake (I know bad mama!! I was going to bake him a cake but it never happened---his sister, actually, made him one a few days later, along with a Father's day cake--for her daddy). Please don't throw stones at me for not baking him a cake. I feel bad enough as it is. He had a great birthday and a great vacation leading up to it. Justin got to do what he wanted all week long...mega-swimming, basketball, put-put golf, movies, staying up till God knows what hour in the morning, you name it. On one of the days, while all of us stayed back at the c

Quick Update

(Here I am in this nice friend took this because I told her the dishes and laundry follow me where ever I go) (Here is a shot of the dining room/living room of the condo we lived in for a week. It was gorgeous. I know--- Ephee doesn't look very happy "Mama get me DOWN!!") (Here is a shot from the 5th floor--our condo was on the 5th floor...good thing for elevators around the corner of our condo) Just a quick update.. ..I got back from vacation this past Friday. We had a blast. I will be putting more pictures up soon. Justin also turned a year older on the 20th. He is now 15.....WOW!! We've been busy this past weekend and trying to get out of the vacation mode. I am going to be posting on Justin and our vacation hopefully in the days to come when I have a spare moment. So much to share. Till then. Chris PS... Also---- I am going to be updating my new blog Managing My Home in the the days to come. Pssst.....not much managing has taken pla

Fun in the sun, End of the school year, My new blog

Can everyone cheer...hip hip hooray!!!--our kids had their end of the year, homeschool evaluations this past week. My evaluator was here for almost 5 hours!! She is an amazing, godly woman and I am so blessed to have her evaluate my brilliant children. This woman took her time with each one of our children (the 4 schooled children). She didn't rush through, she was very thorough with each one. She then took extra time to talk to my husband and I about what we will be doing the coming school year. I love her because she knows that each and every family is different and at different seasons of their schooling journey She has never judged us for "not doing enough". She will often say, though "You are doing way to much!"...LOL That is why I love her so!! My kids did great this year. They are where they need to be, individually. Remembering always that each child is different and they all learn in their own way. Some use text books, and some use "living books&q

Just Having Fun

My gotta love him!!! He is such a character!! Bath time at our house is never a dull moment and never a "quick get in and get washed up" moment. Actually, that's what I do, when I give them baths (I know---no fun). But when Daddy gives them a bath.....daddy has to become a "character". I guess this one is called the bath ninja, cowboy, Zorro...something like that. LOL!! My boys LOVE bath times with daddy because you never know when the Ninja will show up and what he will be wearing......LOL!!! Like I said, you gotta love my hubby....I SURE DO!!! Chris

Week in Review: May 28-June 1

(Ephee and Kole having fun during the game--LOL) (Had to play on a very wet field--after 2 wks of rain) (Holding up trophy's at the banquet for playing a good season) (Before her appointment...she's happy) (Not so happy :(...LOL) (Baby girl get's her weigh in) Had another fun filled week: Celebrating my hubby's birthday (sorry no pic..just had a short video but couldn't download), Shiloh's playoff game (who's team almost went to the Championship), Shiloh's flag football banquet, and Ana's 4 month appointment. I think there were some other little happenings but can't remember at the moment. Trying to make this post a little brief cuz right now I should be doing other things than typing on this blog. Yes, laundry, to name a few.....LOL Donnie's birthday was so busy we had his Birthday dinner on Friday. I made his favorite: Meatloaf, with Mashed Potatoes and green beans on the side and for dessert...Apple Pie (Publix--no amazing crea