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Fun in the sun, End of the school year, My new blog

Can everyone cheer...hip hip hooray!!!--our kids had their end of the year, homeschool evaluations this past week. My evaluator was here for almost 5 hours!! She is an amazing, godly woman and I am so blessed to have her evaluate my brilliant children. This woman took her time with each one of our children (the 4 schooled children). She didn't rush through, she was very thorough with each one. She then took extra time to talk to my husband and I about what we will be doing the coming school year. I love her because she knows that each and every family is different and at different seasons of their schooling journey She has never judged us for "not doing enough". She will often say, though "You are doing way to much!"...LOL That is why I love her so!!

My kids did great this year. They are where they need to be, individually. Remembering always that each child is different and they all learn in their own way. Some use text books, and some use "living books"---they each gain knowledge in different ways. This is one of the many reasons I love homeschooling.

Also this week, we had "fun in the sun". My friend had us over and we had our end of the school year pool party. It was so much fun hanging out with my "mommy" friends and the kids, as always, had a ball. Florida's summer has officially arrived. 80* mornings and scorching hot afternoons, and you can't forget the humidity....FUN!!

(My cute baby girl, Ana)
(Ana and her friend Sophia hanging out in the shade....what pretty girls)

(My Kole...never once did he get into the water..he must have been HOT)

(Justin...he's like the big brother to all the younger homeschool boys)

(Tsavah...she was such a big help with all the younger ones)
(Ephee and Kole having fun with the beach balls)

(Moriah w/Ephee...couldn't have done without her..Another big helper-love my girls!)

I will be going on vacation starting this coming Friday the 12th to the following Friday, June 19th (day before my oldest son's 15th birthday). We will be vacationing in Orlando!!! Yay!!! Some great friends of ours have invited us to spend a week with their family at their condo. We will staying at the Westgate Resorts, which has lots and lots of pools, put-put golf, a movie theatre, paddle boats, sports, biking, etc....all for FREE. We won't be doing the Disney experience because for our family of 10, it would cost almost $1000 for ONE DAY!!!!...YIKES!!!...NOT.... I DON'T THINK SO!!! Plus it will be so hot and who wants to walk around for hours with a nursing baby, a few toddlers, and the hot son.....not me!! I know the older kids would love it.....but.....sorry kids, not this year. I won't be posting for a couple weeks, so hope you don't miss me to much. As soon as I get settled back in from vacationing, I will update on how much fun we all had. Lots of pictures to come!!

And last but not least, my new BLOG on home management. I decided to devote an entire blog to the my house keeping adventures....yes, there are many. Especially for this mom who daily strives to become more and more organized with my time and my home, along with raising 8 children. So why don't you come and visit to see what it's all about.

And so I sign off....till then....I am off to my much needed vacation....YAY!!!



Hi Chris! You have a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading about your very positive homeschooling experience what a blessing to have someone work along side who's cheering you on! I was raised in Orlando, Florida (16 yrs) so it's nice to know someone who's currently in Florida on the blog world. I know what you mean by the humidity. I miss it..just don't miss that humidity lol. I used to work at Disney World and yes it can be a little rough with all the kids. Hope you have a wonderful time in Orlando!!!

Hugs, Susan
j said…
So much fun! Can we come swim? :) Thank you so much for your kind words about my scare! I am glad someone found your little guy!! How scary. God is sooooooooo good and you are sure right about the angels!! Bless you.
Hi, Chris, thanks so much for coming and checking me out. It was nice to see my SIL, Susan as the first commenter. I think it is funny that I see her on a lot of the sites that come and either check me out, or I go check out. She is a doll.

What a gorgeous family you have!! I mistyped on my email to you and put 7 arrows, but I see you are blessed with 8. You go, girl!! And homeschooling to boot. I love finding mama's like me. Guess that is why I loved Jessica's blog, too. Following you, now, too.

xoxo, Veronica in CA
Have a great vacation!
Natalie said…
Hi Chris,
I saw your comment on my SIL blog and thought wow 8 children, Praise God. I'm expecting number 5 and awaiting Veronica to have my 2nd neice. SO great you homeschool too :D
Nice to meet you, my name is Natalie
Unknown said…
My kids are begging to swim. And so far have not done it yet. I visited your blog and I really like it. You can bet I'll be over there more than once. You would think after having a dozen kids I'd have something figured out by now. But,,,,,,,,,,,,,I don't!!

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