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The Mysterious Package

Today I received a mysterious package in the mail. Here is what happened in a matter of minutes of receiving this package. My 7yr old, Shiloh walks in with the package saying "Mom you got a package in the mail." I look at him with my brows turned up and with a confused look and answer: "What?" "Who sent me something?" "I never ordered anything"--then i was thinking I accidently had ordered something from ebay, while listing my books I was selling or the books I had mailed out came back. OH NO!!! I figured that didn't happen. So then I say "Oh, maybe it's from Grandma Coffey" (pronounced coffee) My hubby's grandma who always send us stuff. Nope it wasn't from Grandma. I look over at my husband working hard on the computer "Honey, did you order anything?" Not listening to a word I just said...says hmmm. Then a creepy thought crosses my mind "Oh no...... maybe it's a bomb!!" Then

Orlando Vacation....Part 2

Part 2 of the photos. I still have so many more to post but these will do for now. There are many in this post. They are not in any particular order per say. Most of these are of the kids being kids. There are a few of my friends and I. I cringed a bit when I posted these because I have gained so much weight since having babies. It's going to come off...I've just not really focused on this area as of yet. Sooooo.....I decided to quit hiding and show myself....LOL Ok so now that is out...sit back and enjoy part 2 of our vacation. (This was a daily ritual on our vacation....everyone loading up in my friend's van and heading off to the many pools this place had.) (Shiloh my 7yr old....isn't he cute!) (This was one of the many favorite past times for these games galore!! They took advantage of playing the Wii since they have limited time at home. We had brought our wii and our friends brought we had plenty of game systems to go aroun

Orlando Vacation...Part 1

Here are some pictures of our vacation last month. We have so many, so picked and posted a few. We had so much fun. There were three families who vacationed together in two condos. My friend who owns the timeshare was able to get 2 big condos and two smaller units. So amongst all of our families we had lots of room. There were about 20 people in and out, the week we were there. Lots of fun and relaxation! (Some of the gang heading off to the pool) (Most of the time Kole hung out by pool side. He did not like the water much) (Daddy with his two little boys) (Do I look like I'm having fun....) (Kole saying "I think I had enough) (Ephee is a fish....he loved the water!! I had to keep these wings on or else he would jump in without them) (Ephee saying "Can't catch me daddy") (Galen had so much fun) (The girls had even more fun) (Shiloh with his best bud Micah) (Ana where is your bathing suit? I didn't think she was going to go in the water this specif

Joys in picture--A week in photos

This week is a post in photos...I have taken quite a few in the past months so wanted to post lots of pictures of our family. Sit back and enjoy!! Like my new glasses mommy? I look cute. Look at the cake Moriah made for her Daddy on Father's Day. She did such a great job and took lots of love and care...Daddy will be so happy!! OH NO!!....What happened to the cake? Looks like someone got into the cake! EPHEE, WHAT DID YOU DO?! ...."Yummy...this is good mommy!" Ephee playing around in his box of diapers. Does he need changing? Nope, just playin' Justin is thrilled to finally have a German Shepherd!! He's wanted one since he was 5 yrs old. Some friends of our moved and couldn't take their dog. So we inherited Angel. She is so sweet. Buddy our poodle is happy to have a new sister. She loves catching sticks...every time we go out she brings a stick over so we can throw it for her. Momo is not so sure about our new member of the family! She up i