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A Blast from the Past

I began my blog back in 2006. I would write here and there but not consistently. There was a season where I hardly wrote in it at all because I just felt I didn't have much to say. Well, right before Ana was born, I began to express myself through the blog once again. I am so glad that I can do this on a weekly basis to share what goes on in our home, whether it be good or bad. (You have to visit my "homemaking" blog at Managing My Home where I share my ins and outs of my homemaking abilities....not perfect....but I try!!) You know....I must confess...there are times I am not a "joyful mother" like my blog says. I sometimes don't "feel" like being nice. There are days when I don't even want to face the day but thanks to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ that I can cling on to his Goodness, His Joy and in Faith speak forth who I am....and this being a JOYFUL MOTHER of many children!! I am blessed beyond I can even think of and have to

Proud Mama!!

I am posting pictures of last year's Civil Air Patrol, Color Guard Competition. They placed 2nd in the State!! Justin has begun his 2nd year on the Color Guard Team. This year we are hoping they will place 1st. I am so proud of my son. It is so nice to see him serving with such a great organization. Justin is in the 10th grade this year (home schooled). We have begun to discuss his options in pursuing the Military (Marines). Justin feels very confident that this is the direction God has for him. Right now, he is not sure what path he will take: college first and then serve; joining the U.S. Naval Academy; or some other direction. God only knows. Donnie and I would like him to pursue a college degree, so when he does begin his military career, he will enter as an Officer. He can obtain a degree through a University or go the route of the Naval Academy. Part of me wants him to pick the latter, but ultimately he will do what God is leading him to do. I know he will s

Worship and Prayer--my weekend!!

This weekend has been so wonderful....soaking in the Presence of the Lord. LOVE IT!! Kent Henry was at our church ministering with the song. If you don't know who Kent Henry is check out his site at Kent Henry Ministries I linked you up to his photos and music. So you could hear the anointing flowing through this man. Let me tell you, this man knows how to lead worship!! Last night (Friday) we had a Deep Worship night at our church. This is entering into the "inner courts" , the "holy of holies" of worshiping. We prayed, sang, danced.....all unto the LORD. Prayed and sang some more. This morning (Saturday) my oldest son watched the children while Donnie, me, the girls, Shiloh and the baby went to Kent Henry's worship and intercession training. This consisted of more singing and praying. He has such a heart for the youth of today. He is not far from being a big kid himself, at 50+ years of age...LOL. During this training time he laid out the

Motherhood, both Challenging and Rewarding

Mothers, why is it so difficult, at times, to move past the mundane, same old, daily routine of life, especially for us moms? I personally feel like I haven't moved forward much lately. I can get easily frustrated with just maintaining. I want to move into more than just washing dishes, sweeping floors, and doing laundry everyday. I know these things need to be done and thanks to the children, they do. Yes, I have schedules, routines, and all sorts of time management sheets plastered on my refrigerator, bedroom dresser, computer, etc. Where don't I have these reminders? I walk around my house and see hot wheel marks on walls and plaster chipped off my walls from lots of rowdy little boys!! Oh.....can't forget when I clean my bathrooms....well, the next day....they STINK!!! Little boys again!!! Or, when I'm in the laundry room or washing dishes, I realize I hadn't heard the little boys for a few minutes....shhhhhh.......QUIET.....oh no, we all know

More vacation photos

Life has been so very busy here in our home. I've been trying to figure when our starting day for school will be, as the summer break will soon end. I can't believe how quick this summer break has flown by. I thought I was going to be schooling this summer but it never happened. Oh well.....all I know is that we had a wonderful summer break and will forever remember how much fun we had on our vacation. Here are the last of the photos from our vacation. Yes, there are so many more, but these are the last I will post. Enjoy!!! ( Moriah had a chance to get out alone with Daddy) ( Had some fun playing pin ball) (Justin spent his birthday with daddy at Universal Studios: No restrictions and rode all the roller coasters.) (Tsavah and Daddy took off on bikes and rode around town) (Shared an ice cream together) (Played dress up in the hat store) (Our highlight of the week was having an "adult only" dinner party. Yep, no kids!! Since we had Four units, we