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Motherhood, both Challenging and Rewarding

Mothers, why is it so difficult, at times, to move past the mundane, same old, daily routine of life, especially for us moms? I personally feel like I haven't moved forward much lately. I can get easily frustrated with just maintaining. I want to move into more than just washing dishes, sweeping floors, and doing laundry everyday. I know these things need to be done and thanks to the children, they do. Yes, I have schedules, routines, and all sorts of time management sheets plastered on my refrigerator, bedroom dresser, computer, etc. Where don't I have these reminders?

I walk around my house and see hot wheel marks on walls and plaster chipped off my walls from lots of rowdy little boys!! Oh.....can't forget when I clean my bathrooms....well, the next day....they STINK!!! Little boys again!!! Or, when I'm in the laundry room or washing dishes, I realize I hadn't heard the little boys for a few minutes....shhhhhh.......QUIET.....oh no, we all know what that means. Yep..... I walk into my clean bathroom to find toothpaste smeared all over the sink....oh, oh, oh,.....those little boys again!! Did I forget to mention about how my toddlers got into my fingernail polish and decided to paint the bathroom toilet and mirror...yep, my sweet little boys :) Yeah, why not expose every misdemeanor these little guys are committing? And to top it off......I had bought some markers the other day and my 1 yr old decided he wanted to make himself look like a rainbow......oh yes......this being a few days after I had to clean him off with finger nail polish remover ;0

OH......the joys of motherhood!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! There are days of just crying and then there are those days of shouting for JOY......Laughing when you really want to cry.....and Running away at times....LOL Driving down the road for a moment to catch your breath can work wonders and being able to ask the Lord again for the millionth time...."God, why do I have these many children?" And only, as He can answer says...."They are my gifts to you sweetheart".... if I could see His face, He would be smiling :D

Motherhood can be so challenging at times......then at the same time, oh so REWARDING!!! These are true joys even though they can really get on my last nerve. I call them joys because I need to remind myself that these days will soon be a memory, as we all know ...... these babies will one day be grown men.




I loved this post! I can so identify with the boy thing. If I had a list of all the unusual messes that I have had to clean up after a bit of silence, I would be amazed. Baby powder all over, Desitin smeared over the entire bedroom, nail polish all over the bathroom floor, toilet, door and sink, toilet paper unrolled, toilet paper thrown in toilet, you name it! My daughter has never done something like that. Boys are so mischevious, crazy, and yes, fun! I love my four boys, but I'm glad I have two girls to offset it just a bit. They are all our gifts from the Lord.

Also, I know what you mean about moving forward. It feels like our lives are on pause right now, but they really are moving forward. I think this stage is just exhausting. The cleaning, training, disciplining is all-consuming. But one day I know I will wake up and realize that everything changed, and then I'm sure I'll miss a lot of aspects of my life right now. Oh, I hope so!
Natalie said…
I totally understand. Sometimes it feels like we're in a factory going day to day with chores, cleaning, laundry, vacuums but These sweet little ones do grow up and then you can tell them the stories of what they use to do to their kids :) My husband tells me,"one day they'll all be gone and we'll miss this" yup, he's right:) Have a great weekend Chris :)
j said…
Thanks for sharing your heart. I know this feeling. Sometimes you just feel all dried up...... I encourage you "Dont grow weary in well doing" Just kiss them and love them all you can and know the "chores" will always get done... or maybe not but what really matters is that the strings of their hearts are closely hemmed into yours. You are a good mommy!!!! It is quite the ride of life huh!!!! Bless your motherhood Chris.

Thanks to all who commented and sent encouraging words. I need to know that I am not the only one out there who has rough days. :)

I am very thankful that when we do have bad days there is a "way out"--the the Lord Jesus...casting our burdens on Him. He is the only one that can truly change how we feel, but we have to give Him our heart and our thoughts...then He will work like only He can.

Thank you, JESUS, for this post and for my sweet friend, Chris. So needed it!! My little boys are making 'crafts' as I type and there is markers, tape, scrap paper and toys everywhere!!! But, yes, they are a gift from God and as I vacuum and clean all this up I will rejoice in the reward from God that they are to me.

xoxo, Veronica in CA
momto9 said…
I absoloutely LOVE your honesty and realness in this post. And boy can I every relate! I have 5 boys and 4 girls and........the bathroom ALWAYS stinks!:):)
So much work, so many tears and yet....I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else!!!
I'm "following" you now in my google reader thingy!

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