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Ana's Photo shoot

My gorgeous little, baby girl Ana was photographed by my friend Tracy a few weeks ago.  Tracy is a very talented photographer who recently started her own photography business.  She is a homeschooling mom of 4 and works her business whenever she gets a chance.  Her phone is ringing off the hook, but since her family comes first she books up quickly.  I feel very blessed she took these of Ana. Tracy and I would joke around about when the actual photo shoot would take place.  We would say it would be for Ana's wedding.  ha ha ha.  We both have been so busy since Ana's birth.  Tracy had her baby own baby girl about three months prior to Ana's birth.  We originally scheduled a newborn session.  I am so glad we finally got it done.  I know she isn't a newborn anymore but still...... I have these awesome pictures to fill my walls with.  That is the goal and plan.

It was so hard to get Ana to smile.  She's been teething.  Poor baby.  But you would never know how much work it was to get these awesome pictures.  Tracy is very talented.

I think there was a teeny, tiny little smirk in this shot.

I just love this one.  One of my favorites.

I ABSOLUTELY love this one.   This is perfect.  I love the bright color of the flower.  Gorgeous.

There are many more to come.  As soon as I get them....I will post them.  My friend Tracy has a blog and a website.   I'm in one of the photos in her website under "bellies and babies".   See if you can find me.  ha ha :)



Those are beautiful Christine! I want another baby girl so BADLY!!

Hugs from cold MN,
Just lovely! You must be so pleased. I would love to have a professional photograph my children, but it is just so expensive. I wish I was friends with a photographer! What a blessing!

Unknown said…
I love Ana's photos and your new blog header with her!! Lovely!
Moriah said…
Those pictures are adorable!
j said…
She is a beautiful angel!!!! I love the one with you and her
Laura said…
She is a precious girl! Can't believe she is already 8 months old...goes way to fast.

yes, I too am enjoying having a little girls after 14 years ;)

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