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Finally My Thanksgiving Post!!

Finally my Thanksgiving Post!!

Every other year we spend Thanksgiving with Donnie's side of the family. I love it!! My in-laws home gets filled up with LOTS of kids (mostly ours) and LOTS of big kids. Here are some pictures we snapped of our special day. I will put descriptions at the bottom of most pictures. Sit back and enjoy.

The post that will come soon is my birthday post! When I get to it, I will tell you how I spent celebrating my 39th birthday! I still feel like I am in my 20's. Guess the children keep me young! I love my life!!

Ok here it goes:

My In laws: Donnie and Chris

Yep, you read this right! They are also named Donnie and Chris (they are the originals...ha ha ha). It gets a bit confusing when we all gather together, but usually they are called Pops and Mema by most of us. It get confusing when others are calling out our names and then we both answer "Yes?"

Me and my Babe-Donnie!!

I love this man! What a gift in my life!

Donnie and his youngest brother, Bobby.
(Donnie's face cracks me up! He looks like he had to much to "drink". And he doesn't drink! )
Bobby is such a sweet, sweet man. He is so loving and caring for everyone. I don't think he would ever hurt anyone. Well, maybe, if they hurt his family! :)

My sister in law, Melissa
She is married to Donnie's brother Bobby in the above picture. She is also such a wonderful person. They've been married since 1999 and have two boys, Ethan and Colton. Yep, she so wants another baby--a girl of course! I am hoping she will have one soon.

Ethan 6 yrs old.
He is Bobby and Melissa's first born.
Isn't he such a blondie! He is cute!

Colton, 4yrs old
Bobby and Melissa's youngest son.
Look at this face! He is so adorable. He can be a firecracker at times. But then again he is ALL boy. He is a sweety also. He'll come up and give such good sugar. Too cute!

Tim and and fiance, Melanie
Tim is Donnie's middle brother, who recently proposed to his girlfriend of 2 yrs.
I've been telling Melanie she needs to set a date and not procrastinate.
Let the wedding bells ring!!
Tim has two sweet boys, Nathan and Andy.

Nathan, 8yrs old
This is Tim's oldest son.
He is such a nice kid! Very smart! This is Shiloh's buddy!

Andy, 5 yrs old
Tim's second born son.
He is such a cutie and quite shy. I don't think he's ever said a word to me.
I know he talks...I've heard him :)

Now for my the sweethearts in my life!

I know!! He doesn't look so sweet does he? Donnie is such a riot.
He makes me laugh so hard. Moriah took this picture of him.

Justin 15 1/2 yrs old
He is almost as tall as his daddy. Towering a 6'!
You should see him next to my 5'1 stature! LOL!

Tsavah (10) and Moriah (12)!
My beauty queens! These girls are absolutely gorgeous!
I don't just say this because they're my daughters. They are beautiful! They are told all the time.

Shiloh, 7 yrs. old
Yes, this is my latino looking boy!
He definitely takes after my hispanic side.

Mr. President Galen, 5yrs. old!
All he needs is a suit and briefcase.

Kole the 3yr old who will be 4 in January!
He's my boy right now. He follows me everywhere!

Ephraim, 2, my hunk of love!
We call him Ephee for short.
Isn't he such a cutie! I love his eyes. I think he looks alot like his daddy.


The little princess, Ana!
She is 10 months old now. Can you believe it?! She is everywhere. She isn't very big. I think she must weigh all but 16 pounds. She is tiny!

I love this picture!

Here are some random pictures I took. There are many, many more that I took but couldn't find on my camera. Too bad.

The boy table!

Ana playing with all the toys.
There are no girl toys to play with at Mema's since there are so many boys in the family. The grandkids make up of 3 girls and 9 boys!

Yummy pie!

Johnny and Christie, friends of the family!


Great pictures! Great family! Your girls are beautiful and your boys are adorable and it makes me so happy that you and your husband have fun together and love each other so much! Can't wait to read the birthday post!
Hi Chris, I saw that you recently became of follower of She Looketh Well and I wanted to welcome you! Wow, what an awesome family you have! You are one busy and blessed mama!

If you ever have questions or prayer requests, please let me know, I'd love to help, if I can

Amazed by His Grace,

Great update, great pics, great family. And I love that you and your in laws share names. How cute is that?!!

Ana is such a cutie. My Isabella is a little one, too. All my babies were lean and long their first year. Must be the genes from our 'otha motha'.

Great pics!
Great family!
Great update!

Ana is such a cutie. All my kiddos have been lean and long their first year, too. Must be the genes from our 'otha motha'.


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