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What Makes us Better Mothers? How do we View others?

What makes us better mothers? Do you homeschool or send your kids to school? Do you cloth diaper, use disposables or both? Do you breastfeed, bottle feed or both? Do you home birth, hospital birth or done both? Do you natural birth, use epidurals, or done both? Do you cook with whole foods or open up a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese? Do you home church or are a member of mega church? Do you wear a head covering, long skirts or have short hair and wear trendy clothes? Do you do attachment parenting or let your babies cry to sleep? Do you have 2 children or 20? Do you use birth control or not? Do you live on your own land/farm or do you live in a small apartment? Do you work or stay home with the kids? Do you immunize or never dare to inject your child? I am going to be very transparent and open with you all. I don't know if it's just hormones but what I have swimming in my heart and mind lately needs to come out. So this is the case for my posting this side of me.

Meet Sweet Kara Faith

My sweet friend Nancy from Mom Just Like You , delivered sweet Kara Faith on January 8, 2010 at around 6:45 AM. Nancy's husband Stu calls me around 5:30 AM to let me know Nancy's contractions never let up and she was going to be delivering their long awaited miracle baby Kara. It has been an emotional battle these past 4 to 5 months for Nancy and Stu. Kara was diagnosed with Alobar HPE on the same day they found out they were having a baby girl, their 8th child, third daughter. Their heart was broken not knowing what the future held for them. Nancy leaned on the only source she had in her life: The Lord. I have been friends with Nancy for 5 plus years now (we met on MOMYS). When I found out Nancy was going to have a special baby, immediately my mommy heart was aching for my sweet friend. I went into deep prayer and intercession for them. I was grieving along with them, but deep down in my heart I knew God was and is Faithful. As I prayed one evening at worship nigh

Jumping from December to January--Time flies!!

I had wanted to share my December, but need to jump straight into January to post on Kole's Birthday. Kole Freedom turned 4 yesterday, January 5th! I can't believe he is 4 already. I am going to share a few of the pictures I took and a couple birthday videos. Here is a link to Kole's homebirth story if you guys are interested in reading it! He is such an amazing little guy and for some reason he has been attached to my hip lately. He loves to be near me. Hey, I don't mind it one bit!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! KOLE FREEDOM Before watching don't forget to pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog!! I have no idea why Kole was acting so shy and wouldn't say his age. I guess he didn't like all the attention from the huge crowd....LOL Chris

I'm back---Sorta!

Quick post to let all of you know I am still around. Lots of busyness this past December and I am trying to be a good mommy and wife by ministering to my family. I have so many updates to share since the last post. Most are just updates for birthday, our Hanukkah celebrations, Christmas, and other little things. So for now, I will have to leave you with just the updated blog background and cute picture of Ana on my header. I hope to make time this week to post. If some of you haven't heard from me on your blogs......I'M SORRY!! I feel like I've been a bad bloggy friend to some of you. :( I promise I love you guys and really want to spend more time reading all of your posts. I really do! My time is very limited now with my handsome husband working from home. Yep, the new business, which I still need to post about. I promise to fill you all in on our new ventures. It's exciting for all the new changes God is and has brought thus far. Here