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Meet Sweet Kara Faith

My sweet friend Nancy from Mom Just Like You, delivered sweet Kara Faith on January 8, 2010 at around 6:45 AM. Nancy's husband Stu calls me around 5:30 AM to let me know Nancy's contractions never let up and she was going to be delivering their long awaited miracle baby Kara.

It has been an emotional battle these past 4 to 5 months for Nancy and Stu. Kara was diagnosed with Alobar HPE on the same day they found out they were having a baby girl, their 8th child, third daughter. Their heart was broken not knowing what the future held for them. Nancy leaned on the only source she had in her life: The Lord.

I have been friends with Nancy for 5 plus years now (we met on MOMYS). When I found out Nancy was going to have a special baby, immediately my mommy heart was aching for my sweet friend. I went into deep prayer and intercession for them. I was grieving along with them, but deep down in my heart I knew God was and is Faithful. As I prayed one evening at worship night at my church, the Lord showed me a vision of me praying with Nancy and Stu at their home. Then a few days later the Lord put in my heart to pray with them on a consistent basis. My heart was filled and ready to do His will to pray over my sweet friend and her baby growing in the womb.

I have been praying with Nancy for Kara on a consistent basis for months now. I have become so close with their family and feel such a wonderful connection with Kara Faith. Since her birth I have been to the hospital a few times. The first time was the day she was born. Nancy had a c-section so couldn't see her for many hours after her birth. We didn't even know if Kara was going to live past birth. This was Nancy's greatest concern. I knew deep in my heart that God was going to keep this little one safe and sustain her life. God is good and He is Love and this is where I put my faith in; Knowing His character and who He is and what He came to do all those 2000 years ago.

Kara has been alive now for over a week. She is intubated to help with her breathing. She is breathing on her own, but still needs the tube to open up her airway. She is facing some medical issues such a seizures which is common with these babies. She has no breathing possibilites through her nose, so they might need to do a tracheostomy if she has trouble breathing on her own. She will most likely need a feeding tube through her GI and they have found a heart defect.

In the face of all these medical conditions God is working wonderful miracles. I am believing for an amazing work in the Lord, because God is the Miracle worker! So as my faithful readers I ask you to continue to pray for this little one who is held in the palm of the Father's hands. I know that God is an amazing Father, Savior, and Comforter. How much more as parents do we desire and want the best for our babies, so how much more do you think the Lord wants for this little miracle to live a life? It makes Him happy to see his children happy.

I don't normally share my "doctrinal" belief but sometimes it just comes out. I am a BIG, huge believer on the miracles and healing of God here Today. I am a believer that YES, God is good ALL the time and He wants us to know, believe and trust in this goodness. Not just throw our hands in the air and say "whatever will be, will be" or pray "Whatever you want Lord". Ask yourselves in the time of prayer, "How do YOU want me to pray for this little baby, Lord?" "How do want me to pray for this family?" The Lord has revealed Himself through Jesus. He has revealed Himself through the works of Jesus....He came healing and giving life. He has revealed His will and character in Jesus, in His new covenant. This is where you will find the answers to the Lord's will for healing and life! Yes, we live in a fallen world, but by the blood of Jesus, He came to give goodwill, the gospel, the good news to those who could and would believe on His name; To believe in His love and His goodness! This is where my faith stands. I know God has answered our prayers and I can't look to the "outside" for my answers because sometimes the "outside" is going the opposite direction. Or I can't say "Well, those people prayed and nothing happened". We can't look outside, but look to the Father.

I know who and what God is --- He is Love! When we being humans and natural in our thinking, behold a glimpse of this Godly LOVE, have a desire to heal a baby, restore a marriage, give to the poor. How much more do we desire this manifestation of the God kind of LOVE? A lot more! Nothing else matters other than to do the good works of Jesus. When I have a glimpse of this Love entering into my heart, it radiates a love that is so amazing. I can't even begin to explain it....other than I believe it is a taste of the Love the Lord has for His children. So when I pray, I do come boldly and without hesitations, without doubt and know that God hears my prayers and loves us. Ok, I better stop before I get to preachy!! LOL

Just continue to pray for this little girl who the Lord loves, her parents love, and I love!

With LOVE,



PRaying for Kara Faith and her parents. It reminds me of when Isabella Grace was in the NICU. My heart goes out to this family.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pray, Chris.
Amen!!!You said it!! God is a good God and loves us and wants to bless us. The Word tells us that Jesus went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed.
j said…
Oh, My heart aches but I will pray.......YOu are a good friend for Nancy. Keep us updated on this precious life.....

I will be praying for Kara Bear. Love that nickname!

Poor little baby. I love that you shared your doctrinal beliefs. It's your blog! You can do what you want with it.

I believe in Jehovah Rapha (The God who Heals). he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He heals!
Brooke said…
Awww, how sweet... Kara! I'll be praying for her though!!! My brother Josh was born on January 8th, 17 years ago!
I don't know how I missed this post...What an obedient and Faithful daughter you are! I'll agree with you in prayer. What a precious, precious baby.

Hugs to you and Kara's family.
Unknown said…
Oh my, I will be praying for this beautiful baby girl. Please keep us updated.
Unknown said…
How can I thank you, Chris, for being there for me, Kara, our family?? God gave you to me as a wonderful friend. You and Donnie are like our very own angels. I SO appreciate ALL of your prayers. You speak LIFE and HOPE to us and our baby. We love you!

Unknown said…
Thank you for being there for me and for our baby girl in our time of need. Sometimes God's healing doesn't look like we want it to, but my faith has remained strong in Him. I am jealous of my little angel getting to meet Jesus. I just have to remind myself that this world is not my true home.

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