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Kara Faith Palmer has Moved to Heaven!!

Sharing with you all


Little Miss

has moved to heaven!

Her move became official at 7:00 am

right as the sun arose

at her 7 week old birthday.

She passed in the arms of her

comfortably and in peace right where she was meant to be

In their loving arms.

Even though she had her disabilities

She is perfect in the eyes

of those who

love her


I miss her

I think I will always miss this little one

She will


be part of my life

I never carried her

But walking through this with her mommy

impacted my life in




She is so beautiful

And I know that


She is walking through the

field of flowers




It was hard for her mommy and daddy

to let her go

To live is Christ
To die is Gain

She is in Her new home now
with the


and one day soon

We shall see her again!!

We all love you



The night before her passing we got a chance to hold her and love on her


There are no words...thank you for sharing this and giving such a great amount of love to the "least of these."
Cathy N said…
What a beautiful tribute to Kara. Thank you for sharing this.
how to express comfort with useless

may the God of all comfort, be your
consolation at this terrible loss.
Charity Nee said…
What a sweet post in honor of Kara... Thank you Chris! I am a follower of Kara's blog... it is heartbreaking but God is in control. Always and forever...
Blessings in Him,
We are praying for the Palmer family and all of you!
j said…
Just was checking in on you and I am so saddened to see this. Oh my eyes are wet. I pray the Lord bring comfort to the parents hearts as I know this must have been the hardest thing in the world. Oh Lord, sometimes we do not understand why but she is resting and whole now in your arms. Oh, breaks my heart. Oh and you are so good to take heed in what the Lord is telling you about not blogging and stuff for awhile. GOod for you. Blessings

Unknown said…
This brings me right back to that last night with her... I wish I had an instant replay camera to play back all that I experienced with her. There's this fear of forgetting and the pain of remembering, too. Thank you for being there. God sent you and Donnie as a comfort to our family. I know He grew all of us in the process. May His name forever be praised.

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