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Where is she?

I've been sort of in the hiding from cyber world.  The Lord has been calling me to a more "simple" and focused life.  A more focused life in tending to my family and not to consume my mind with "what am I going to post on next" on my blogs or what is going on in "so and so's" life.  I haven't been on Facebook, either.   I don't know why, but I am growing a dislike for it.    I guess it's because the Lord really doesn't want me to lose focus on what matters in my "real" life and no need to be in other's business.  Not that blogs and blogging are a bad thing, but I personally, get so consumed with what I've read online or who is doing what and I personally beat myself up because I am not like the people's lives online.  I know I sound pretty pathetic, but it's true.    It also takes lots of time and mental/physical energies to care for my large family.  Every minute I am spent typing a post or visiting other

Beautiful Girl and Beautiful Days

Thought I would share these pictures Moriah took the other day of Ana.   Ana is getting so big!   She is walking now! The Azaleas in my front yard are absolutely beautiful.  I am enjoying the beautiful warm days of Florida, before it get burning hot out next month.   Galen in front of my Azaleas